10% chance for 4* Epic Troop – Inaccurate or Possible Bug?

Me as well got no Epic troop for last 6 pulls. In one account even for 12pulls in a row…

UPDATE: over a month and many troop tokens later in two accounts NOT A SINGLE Epic troop :angry:

It has been at least three months since I got a four star troop, I’d say at least thirty pulls in that time. Still no green 4*. Disappointing

Because it’s a percentage it’s impossible to say something is wrong but based on SG’s implementation of other stuff it’s entirely possible it’s bugged/screwed up. I’ve been playing 26 months, done 5x 10 pulls plus hundreds of free pulls. Still no green 4*. I have 75 green 3*s in inventory. Statistic say I should have pulled about 7 by now.

I pulled a red one this morning if that adds anything to the discussion

Not really, but congratulations


Next Update…2 troop tokens and no 4* troop…

Took me 2 years to get a blue 4* troop… Still no purple.

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I know that it is not easy to get a 4 star troop but again 2 pulls later I only get 3 stars. So what we claim is, that the 10% chance is not true and should be reported correctly by SG.

I’ve played for some 7 months+ now. For the first 4-5 months, i only had 5 Epic Troops, both blue and yellow . I probably did around 100 pulls then. Then they started coming in spades. As of now i have these :

Red x 3
Purple x 4
Green x 5
Blue x 6
Yellow x 8

Hope you guys get lucky.

I totally agree. I spent 1600 gems on troops and got ZERO 4 star.

Why don’t they add STAR Ascending options to troops? (ie: A level 15 three star can ascend to a level 1 four star somehow)

My game is seriously disadvantaged as I am raided by teams that are not only lower levels than me but I can’t revenge. I can’t help my Alliance in AW and I use copious amounts of food to find an opponent in the raid arena.
I have spent gems on troop tokens on numerous occasions, to no avail. I’m getting to the end of my patience and seriously disillusioned.

Sad to say it happens. Follow the forums, sometimes one of the quest has a epic quest token if you complete it.

Best of luck,


That is something not uncommon. You are not alone. Either you spend more to give you more chances of getting the pixels you want or be content of what you have either as a F2Player or C2Player. Aaaannnddd if you are really at the end of the rope, please make a list ditch effort here: Farewells - MASTER List - Add your favourite past forum great or player who quit [WIKI]. Good luck.

If you having problems raiding, put up a weaker defense. This will result in lower cups and easier opponents

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