1 Year Report + Expectations active C2P

Hi everyone, this post is to celebrate one year playing Empire and Puzzles! I am an extremely active player, level 58 in the game, without buying World Energy flasks! Some of you may know me because of the elemental and chests projects I have been running.

Early Memories

I just started playing on February 16th 2019, when I also used to play clash of clans also. I started F2P and progress was slow, but I really loved the grind. No forum or other knowledge sources, but I remember finding some strategies infos out there. I remember being travelling in brazil, around 5 weeks after starting to play, and getting my first green 3*, a Isshtak out of a silver coin!! What a joy I had, good times.
We all know what it takes… several hours to grind, failing levels, lacking firepower to finish challenge events, quests, trials, etc… but it is enjoyable!
F2P around 2 months, then two challenge deals, pulled and got Gretel! She was so useful. Then got VIP, I changed to VC2P
Around the start of month 5 I started to spend more and became C2P.

Overall Account Progress
  • Lvl 58
  • Atlantis 270/270
  • Can complete all quests, trials and challenges. I have been in the club 1000-500-1000 for 3 challenge events (getting some excellent 4* mats!! ) and usually I can get good loot even without flasks. Usually use around 5 WE flasks to get into 1000-500-1000 club. (This Avalon I just finished 727/414/607 ! )
  • Currently fighting 14* stars with Helios alliance right now and best hit is 88612 I believe in a 13 or 12* (today 77k to a rare green 14*).
C2P Status

Around the start of month 5 I started to spend more and became C2P. Got the full year VIP deal and set a budget of around 30 bucks per month (sometimes only 13 dollars for challenge + atlantis, but extra offers like Rudolph, cybermonday, etc).
Overall I expect to continue with this budget, maybe bump it into $45 the next three months or so as I really enjoy the game and want to get some heroes to get more enjoyment, but planning on reducing it to around $20-$25 after that.

Hero Progress
  • Purple: Seshat+7, Sartana 4/80, Grimble 3/70, Proteus +17, several 4* full. Also 2 domitias 1/1
  • Yellow: Vivica 4/80, Neith 3/70, Jackal+18, Gretel +12, several other 4*
  • Blue: Ariel+8 , Vela+6, Grimm+14, Sonya+7, several other 4*.
  • Green: Kingston+7, Lianna 4/80, Margaret 3/70, Caedmon+15, peters+12, buddy 4/70, several others 4*.
  • Red: Elena 4/80, Boldstuck +15, Wilbur +6, Falcon 4/70, other 4*s

Overall, 8 maxed five stars (could have more because of my mats but do not want to ascend them yet).
A grand total of 13 five stars.

Troops Progress

I have done 103 pulls, for a total of 12 four star troops. I am beating the odds! I have at least one mana in each color so I am great in that regard! I have 81 troop coins also waiting to be used later for POV or to be used for leveling in higher troop levels

  • Purple: crit lvl 13, mana lvl 5, mana lvl 1, mana lvl 1
  • Blue: Mana 13
  • Green: Mana 13
  • Red: Crit 14, Mana 5, mana 1
  • Yellow: Mana 13, Crit 1, Mana 1
Hero Summons
  • Normal summon + seasonal: 77 pulls (1 five star, 18 four stars)
  • Challenges: 155 pulls (5 five stars, 40 four stars). However only vanilla 5*s
  • Costumes: 4 pulls (one four star) before new format
  • Atlantis: 114 pulls (1 five star ariel, 33 four stars)
  • TC20: 142 pulls (1 five star, 26 four stars)

I actually think my pulls have been underwhelming considering the %s of success. Atlantis and TC20 have not delivered according to %s and event considering challenge pulls, overall I am slightly below the 2.5%.
However, I have 6 HOTM with is above the expectation (1.73%), so I guess it is kind of balanced. Need better Yellow and Red five stars though.

Ascension Mats

This is the category that makes me 100% proud, this are the following obtained in this year playing:
-Damascus Blades: 13
-Tomes = 19
-Scopes = 21
-Tonics = 22
-Rings = 17
-Darts = 18
-tabards = 17
-Compasses = 58
-Gloves = 59
-Warm Capes = 60
-Shields = 59
-Hidden blades = 48
-Orbs = 62
-Traps = 52

A total of 127 four stars (0.348 per day) , and 398 three stars (1.090 per day). I think this is a lot and would probably put everybody a little jealous hahaha (I have just bought one telescope in one offer). The key has really been fighting high level titans! Also getting some extra in challenges!
Regarding titans, at least 5 months receiving loot over 9, and now even fighting some 14* at helios!
In fact, last two rare titans I got the Bonus roll, which is surprising (both were 14* rare)

Trying to give a summary for C2P with a similar budget as mine (around 25-30 a month, but not since first month), if you are very active this may be some of your expectations/results

C2P expectations:

  • Cannot really expect many 5*s but anyway you can get a good roster! Or get a good participation in challenges, finishing atlantis etc.
  • It is also possible to get good loot by participating hard and fighting high level titans! I got the following in previous months:
  • November: 16 four star AM, 13 hero tokens, 24 troop tokens
  • December: 13 four star AM, 10 HT, 30 TT
  • January: 13 four star AM, 9 HT, 19 TT
  • This 16 days of February: 12 four star AM, 10 HT, 11 TT (in fact I got 9 four star mats in the first 8 days!!!)
  • Most important thing is to HAVE FUN!! Finding a good group of individuals to play with is key for that. Find a good alliance and ride it with them.

As you can see great progress can be achieved as C2P (even though I am admittedly in the higher end) but as some other have posted, it can also be achieved as F2P (but at a slower pace, and more difficult).

As future goals, I am waiting for S3, I want to get some costumes to bolster my roster (it is increasingly difficult to compete in events without them) and I plan on embleming more my heroes. In fact my first priority is to build my defense, because I think I am being an easy prey on wars. Also looking for future features (particularly hero academy and that “playing with your alliance” feature).

Thanks for reading! And would be happy to receive feedback as well!


Nice progress. :+1: I’ve been playing for two years as a low c2p and I’m just at level 60. :slight_smile:

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Thats nice. I played since march 2019, mainly as F2P, but once in a while might purchase gems for pull. I only have 1 HotM (Grazul) and currently have 2 maxed 5* (soon will be 3). 5 in 3.70 and dupes Elena at 1.1.

I consider my luck for pulling heroes is still below standard, but what can i say? Im a free player after all. :sweat_smile:

thank you so much! I am extremely active though, so that is why (and usually farm S1-12-9)

Hope your summoning luck gets better! Have you any data about it?

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I’d say that it is very good for one year. If I remember my first year correctly, I got my first 5* Justice after a year of playing. Next year was with much better luck and gave me 3 HOTM, actually 4, considering duplicated Neith.

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Level 58 after a year. Wowza. I am F2P at 2 years and have similar overall results. Difference being tc20 and hotm has been nice to me.

Atlantis and seasonal and challenge? Nada.

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I did not write my summon record. But I really hope my summon luck will be better. Because as of now, i just pulled my 2nd and 3rd Costumed Gunnar… 2 in a row… what a luck :cry:

I am also in the same group with a max of 50 pounds per month spent, but haven’t reached such a high level yet. Systyed playing in June last year and currently level 35, tc20 has been running for a week. Got 12 5* heroes, including Ursena, Vela, Misandra and Lianna. I love the game, but wish this silly ‘the devs are screwing us over’ stuff would stop. I take my hat off to them for having created such a cool, multi-faceted game.

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Do not know if you are replying to me but I did not blame the devs. I love the game and just blame my bad luck. I would love slightly better odds or a pity counter though, it would help to reduce disappointment.
Good luck!

Just did 38 costume pulls and no 5*, no HOTM and even no rigard. Bad luck again but hope that will change in the future!

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Ierazo, it will. 5 pulls in the costume chamber got me Melendor and Sonya (And Skittleskull, but I really don’t like this one, costume or no costume).

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