1 Year playing progress (no spend)

There are tons of great guides and lots of advice, but when I started reading the forum I had no idea if I was doing bad, okay or good being completely free to play.

So for those who are curious, here is where I am after 365 days of play.

TC 20 (running 4 months), TC19, TC13, TC2
Stronghold 21
Through Season 1, Season 2 (normal) and working through hard (in 16), current (35.10) Season 3.

I have focused on leveling who I have pulled, and unless I need someone for an event, I still often feed on color. I have yet to draw a HOTM.


There is no way I could start another game like this from scratch. I look at my roster and 98 per ent of my base fully leveled and I think to myself, how the hell did I have this much patience. Couldn’t do it again.


I wish I would have kept track at where I was at certain points. Thank you for doing this and congrats.


nice! pretty good progress, some good heroes too. and it looks like you’ve made levelling choices wisely!


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