1 year playing and only 1 4star and no 5 stars Coming

Hi, I am writing for my allied… few of them are playing from 6 to 12months and They only Gain one hero 4stars, no 5stars and many double 3 stars. … They are thinkng to delete the game and it would be a pity… are there many players with this problem? It’s not Very Fair. …

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12 months and only one four star?

Did they build training camps???
It’s extremely unlikely they’d go two months with tc20 running and not see at least one four star…


Sry but this topic is spam


Hi there!

I am moving your topic to Discussion, since it is not a bug.

Be aware, there are a number of ways to get 4* (and 5*) in the game, as follows:

  • Training Camp 13 (TC13) - I got several 4* from this in my first year.
  • Training Camp 20 (TC20) - Got two 5* from this, but it took a while; first was at ten months
  • Gem Summons (single or ten-pull) - Got 4* from these
  • Epic Hero Coins - Got one 5* from this

My point is there are many ways to get the heroes you want, most of them free. It dies require you to build training camps and regularly pull till you get those heroes, or spend gems on Summons.

Best of luck to you!


I’ve got 4 stars from epic tokens and even a HOTM. I have 12 4 stars since March and most are from TC13.

My cousin don’t trust you.

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That sir is what is called ignorant behavior.

That sir is what people call sarcasm.
But it is really common not everyone get it, don’t worry.


I find it very hard to believe. I have a second account where I haven’t spent a dime over more than a year and I have 20 4* fully leveled and 7 5* leveled. It would be next to impossible unless you truly don’t understand how to play the game.


I call BS. I have an alt account that is free to play and at about 4 months or so play time already have gravemaker khiona chao tiburtus and two kasshrek…

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You Sir, are lucky! :wink:


What do u mean… I’m not jocking and I neiyher have time to wasrte, maybe your comment is spam.

Maybe my msg is Not well written… sorry but … I thought it was quite clear: I’m writing that I’m talking about allies that EVEN USING DIAMONDS, Atlantis money and training building, they never get 4 or 5 stars. Do you think there’s People playing since 1y and never use above ways to get hero! ?!? Please don’t comment

You’re Lucky. … And I decide to create this Topic because I also am ( I have 5x5* and 25x4*)… But my allies, Most of them, are not.

Your teammates lied if they said they have been playing a year and have only one 4 star and no five stars… Well maybe there are some choices…

A. Your teammates barely play, they don’t do any events or earn gems and never upgraded their TC

B. They are lying.

Pick one


Can you show a specific case? - The situation doesn’t match our collective experience so some of us are struggling to understand.

Can you get a screenshot of a team mates base and roster, for example?

I’ve had 20 4* in under 8 months having paid nothing.




If they’re lying, they are doing it Very well because other allies and me are explain them how to find 4 5* many Many times… anyway…I only hope they don’t quit the game. Thanx

In my humble opinion this thread should be close, they are simply stirring the pot.

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You are lying, not them. I’m not going to respond to you anymore. Have a nice day and good luck in your future wars