1-Year HOTM Anniversary Coming Up

What are the chances Hel gets added to the standard pool of heroes available via epic/elemental summons and TC20?

I’m guessing they’re pretty close to zero, but it sure would be nice for those of us that joined in the last year or otherwise missed her the first time around.

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It has been stated that the old HotM’s do come back, in what way we do not know yet. But they will not rerotate old HotM back as HotM, so there is hope.
Adding them to “normal” heroes sure is the most suggested way to bring them back, so maybe they will make us happy and do it. :slight_smile:

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I’m in two camps on this.

One. As a player who started a bit later and didn’t know the value of some of these HOTM, i’d love to get my hands on some of the past ones. Allowing the previous HOTM once they hit 1 year old to be trainable in TC20 would be an option I can be on board with.

On the other side, I also subscribe to the notion that rare/unobtainable items should remain that way. As somebody who has a long gaming history, nothing has bothered me more than my unique rare items I worked hard for getting its drop chance raised, or become obtainable through a quest or something completely trivial, devaluing that item for me.


I am not sure if paying many gems for summons and hope for the best can be classified as “worked hard for” :joy:
But I understand your notion.

I myself hope they come back since I only started playing in february and there are many heroes I just don’t got a chance to have only because I have discovered the game at a later time then other people.


I’ve been playing since before the introduction of HotM, nonetheless I got only one of them since I play almost for free. Some of the HotM I didn’t get are really awesome and I’d really like to put my hands on them.
However, I think that if I was one of the big spenders who maybe invested a lot of money for getting something that was sold like a “get it now or forget it forever”, I’d be pretty pissed off if that very same thing was heavily discounted one year later.
So, even if I’d really really like to have a real opportunity to get them, I’m not sure it would be fair to those that tried really hard to get them when they were available first. Maybe it would be more fair if they were available once more mainly for those that started playing later, but I think that old HotM should reamin hard to get, not obtainable in tc20 for example.
Please, don’t throw too many stones at me…

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With a year-long delay, and still a pathetic chance to get it (via TC20), I think it wouldn’t be as bad tbh.

There is currently 20 5* heroes available in normal rolls.

Let’s say previous HotM are TC20 exclusive. That means you cannot just buy gems for normal rolls and get them from the get go, you need to get quite far in the game to get a chance.

Let’s assume a generous 5% chance to get a 5* from there (from my experience it’s nowhere near 5%, but let’s say my TC20s are just stingy).

That means with one TC20 you have a 2.5% chance every day to receive a 5* hero.

That’s 0.125% chance every day to receive a specific 5* hero and the chance would get smaller with each HotM added.

If someone actually wants a specific HotM they’re way better off rolling for them in a given month than:

  • getting SH20, all iron storages to 18, then TC20
  • waiting a year
  • rolling a 0.1% chance a day to receive the given hero (maximized to the insane 0.4% if you’re religiously running FOUR TC20s all day every day)

Official word on this…

I can’t find it, but I’m pretty sure I read elsewhere from staff that they would NOT be rotating old HotM back through again the same way.

I really doubt you will be disappointed about that. Here’s my observation:

People who REALLY WANT the current HotM end up paying a lot of good money to get it in some cases; I’ve heard stated that ~5 10-pulls is enough for reasonable odds, which translates to a good number of p2w players spending $200~300 each month that has a good HotM. [The All Grimm death metal band- And other bands battling them this Friday Night!] thread came from somebody spending 37 hoarded tokens for Alasie, not getting her, and having confidence that more pulls later in May would succeed…

I got Delilah and Alasie at waaaaaay lower spending than that, but I consider myself really lucky, and I was hopeful but willing to let them go if I didn’t get lucky.

I’m expecting old HotM come back with significantly worse odds (aka more expensive to get) than they were the first time around. As you said, anything else would be unfair to the ones who previously spent $$$ or just got lucky.

I really doubt Small Giant is foolish enough to make something new that would be guaranteed to piss off their best spenders!

Maybe if you got it the first time round, your card can have ‘first edition’ on it, so everyone knows you got it first time!


Just add hotm to the elemental pulls after a year.

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Even if they are added to the standard pool, the odds of getting them would be significantly lower than when they were available as the hero of the month. We don’t know the exact odds of pulling a HOTM or a 5 star from the epic and elemental summons. But suppose they are around 1.2% and 3%, respectively. The odds of getting a specific former HOTM if it is added to the standard pool would be about 3% / 21, or 0.143%. So, about 88% lower than before. And, as Ellilea noted, the odds would get worse with every newly added hero. People that really wanted a former HOTM would have to spend a lot more than they would have during the initial run, on average.

@TigerDevil, I TC20 odds of a 5* appear to be 5%, and generally accepted as better odds than an epic, event, or elemental summons.

So that bumps your .143% to .238% if they are added to the TC20 pool. If all 12 current ones were added to the pool, getting one would have 1.43% odds.

Still, I’d note that TC20 doesn’t give you a shot at the current HotM, event heroes, or the wabbits which guess I’d call seasonal heroes in case there are ever any more like those three.

TC20 means if you play for a long enough, you have a good shot at getting “normal” 5*s without spending much (or even any) money, making it possible for f2p players to build a really good competitive team…but leaving lots of good stuff that free players are very unlikely to get, as epic hero summon tokens are not handed out often, and have quite low odds as you point out.

I actually think this is a decent balance that makes the game worthwhile for both f2p and p2w, including differing levels of paying, which all work for some players. And I think this (ultimately) is a good thing. Without paying players, the devs don’t eat, and we don’t have a game at all … but I’m not interested in getting into a competition of how much I can pay–I can’t stomach winning that one!

I think it’d be great if they upped the training camp level to 25 and have a training that took some valuable, hard to get materials (either current ascension or introduce new items) with a chance at past HOTM/event heroes. I have 8 tonics I have no real use for, since I have Lianna maxed and all the other green non event/HOTM heroes have no use to me. I’d gladly start getting rid of some of these tonics for a chance at Morgan/Alby/Locke.

My biggest issue with the game in its current state is how OP some HOTM/event heroes are, and how there is no way for dedicated players to get them. Unfortunately, their exclusivity is what makes whales spend hundreds every month to get them, and I’m not sure SG will make changes that hurt their bottom line.

When & who is the new Hero of the month of June?

We get the new Hero on June 1. Here are the details - June HOTM - Gravemaker

Yeah, I think they should change up the art just a little between the original HOTM and the TC20 version.

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