1 year EnP challenge

Today I am playing the game for exactly one year. I played highly efficiently in the beginning and do so as often I can now.

Season 1 and Season 2 in both modes are finished already, at the moment I just play for fun and try to finish all the quests. Not finished quests are these:

As I finished S2 hard mode some months ago I don’t really have any targets to reach. My next goal was to be better in pvp but after some time I realized the top player do have more and better 5*. So I try to level all of my collected heroes but most are 4* which are useless in pvp, against the highest ranked players.
I hope to see any changes in the game: S3 or more possibilities to get 5* soon to keep me motivated playing the game further. My current heroes are:

image image

Btw, it doesn’t motivate me to see that there are new heroes in events, when I the chance to get them is below 1% each pull and the prize for a pull is way too high.

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That’s a great roster!

Once the 5* you do have are levelled, I expect you can do achieve anything you want, other than top score in events.

But certainly completing every quest and event will be straightforward.

Do you have a plan for your emblems?

At the moment I collect them only. My plan is to level 5* only. Boril is finished, Joon was my first finished 5*, so I thought I will give him the emblems of this class.
I thought I will get some more 5* sooner and can decide which of them gets the emblems of each class. I will see …

My mistake, Boril is at 19 but he will be the only 4* who gets and keeps emblems.

Interesting idea, but I would suggest that several 4* are worth emblems.

Proteus is a prime example, with a few emblems to improve his health and defence, he’s a real game changer.

Similarly, Jackal will really boost your purple Titan score but needs emblems to survive.

Thanks for the suggestions, I might reconsider my strategy. Probably I am in the wrong alliance to get such an exchange of experiences. These suggestions are definitely worth it

Btw, I forgot to add the stats (added in the 1st post now) I am quite fine with my Titan score, but I will see if I can improve it further against purple :wink:

You’re doing better than I am, at least. And I’ve been playing just a bit over 13 months (though our spending habits / game activity / titan levels may differ)

Cannot raid in diamond tier because summons don’t like giving me 5* heroes, and even when they do


I can’t decide what’s worse. Not getting 5* heroes, or getting 5* heroes and not being able to finish them.


Pardon my curiosity, but, with a roster like yours, why Boril? I mean, my Boril is also +18, but I don’t have your roster and I have several 4* at +18 - +20. I currently use Boril as tank, but I see him as a temporary owner of my cleric emblems, until a better blue tank comes along. My defense being based on the brute force of my red flanks who need a long time to charge, I need a sturdy blue tank, so that is where Boril comes in. You have Thorne there, which, if emblemed, will do a far better job tanking than Boril… Thorne has innate tank stats and if emblemed on the attack path, he will cause a serious amount of damage… Imho, both Elkanen and Hansel and even your unleveled Rigard could make better candidates for the cleric emblems than Boril, unless Boril has a specific role in your strategy. And the only role for Boril I could think of is tank. So, what’s your reason for keeping Boril at +19?

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As I finished Elkanen Boril was at 10+… Due to my focus on efficiency I thought it isn’t a good idea to switch now. Also Boril was and still is the tank in the deff team. At the moment with Thorne I placed him on the inner flank to have blue-green-blue in the middle. Hansel… I finished him 1 month ago. Rigard: I really want to level him but never had the focus on him as I got Proteus and Kageburado. But thanks for the tipps.

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When I finished S2 hard I focused on the quests. I guess you know the picture which Levels to farm to finish enemy and boss quests. Combined with the special stage quest you can finish the quests very efficiently.
About spending: I spent some money from time to time and I guess all in all it is about 200-300$, idk. My willingness to spent more dropped to 1,3% due to the low chance to get a legendary hero (of the month). :smiley:
You are right it is a mess to have 5* but not the materials. I collected a lot in Titan fights at rank A+, A or B.

You roster looks like you’re keen on being efficient, sure does, I thought that’s the case before you mentioned it, but there is resource management efficiency and then there is battlefield efficiency. And battlefield efficiency says use your emblems on whoever you have ready for them and reset them if somebody better comes along. But keeping emblems piled up in inventory isn’t battlefield efficient at all…

By the way, as someone mentioned it earlier, Proteus is definitely emblem worthy!

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I’ve only spent about $150 (mostly on VIP). I haven’t really devoted time to finishing all the quests, just farming the same ones repeatedly for backpacks / recruits / monsters. Most of my titans, I’m rank A or A+, but that’s on “baby” titans (6* and lower) since my current alliance only has 14 members and my original alliance was a bunch of disorganized low level noobs (sad that my small group of 14 is taking down 6* titans when my previous alliance of 25-30 members struggled to take down 5* titans).

I tend to have really bad luck in both loot and hero pulls. I just plug along with my bench of emblemed 4* heroes and hope for the best. Running two TC20s at the moment trying to pull some more legendaries, though in the back of my mind I know that even if I’m lucky enough to pull them, I don’t have the mats to ascend them anyway… I try to ignore that annoying little “fact” in the meantime, as dwelling on it could hinder the level of excitement I feel when I finally do pull a good hero. “It’s okay,” I tell myself, “there will probably be a quest or something that gives me that last 4* ascension mat I need in 3 months or so… it’s all good. It’s allllll good. Patience is a virtue. Good things come to those who wait.” Blah blah blah. :joy:

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I agree with you. So next focus is on emblems

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Best of luck! Good boards!


I supposed you’ve posted your roster to have some feedback. I read others and I disagree on some points. First of all, your leveled roster is tiny ! I’m 5 months in game and I have 22 4* & 5* lvl up while you have 20…
With seven months more in you should have something like 40 leveled up. You probably focus too much on training camp 20 and not enough on 11, 1, 2 and 19.

You struggle to keep in diamond tier and think you lack of 5*, let me tell you’re going wrong. 4* are enough to keep your rate higher than 2400 and time to time you can go further than 2700, meaning top 100 worldwilde. You have the roster for this, but I think you managed it wrong.

Some samples, Why is your Rigard till at level 1? The only cleanser in game that can allow you to face with calm wing or flanck GM? You should power him up.

Where are your emblems? Do you sleep on them waiting for 5* ? You have great heroes who deserv them here like Hansel, Caedmon, Jackal, Wilbur, Grimm, Proteus, Kiril, Zim…

I Think you have a great team here to compet in Diamond with Kiril- X- Thorne - X- Grimm, but you need to emblem them.
X is another colour than you can use according to the opponent (like having Hansel/ Caedmon together who fight crime).

I highly recommand you to use more and more Caedmon, He makes your life easier against so many heroes (Albi, Ariel, Poseidon, Elena, Khagan and so on…).
You have Zim also, she’s a must have when you consider to fight against Drake, GM or Zeline…

So I think you have everything to compet everywhere, just level more heroes and use your emblems !

When you’re able to complete every challenge, rare quest , opening one or two diamond chest per day and be top 1 or 5% in raid tournament every week the mat is coming.

Hope it might help.

So many leveled heroes after 5 months is quite good. Do you spend a lot of money? Thanks for the tipps.
I run one TC20, 2 TC 11 and one focuses on the color I need at the moment

@Lavan , don’t worry about this… this is only achiveble by throwing large amounts ou money into the game…Getting the mats to ascend several 5* in 5 month is a no brainer, mats are bought…


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Having a lot heros means a lot of money, yes, but not for leveling, it’s about more farming backpack for instance and recruits and not missing flags.