1 year anniversary

Wow guys, 1 year. Through all of the crappy pulls, mixed with awesome pulls, mixed with i hate kashrek at level 15 to the now infamous, guin and gravemaker can ■■■■ off. it has been a roller coaster. Im lucky enough to 9 of my real life friends in game with me but because of that we have made some new ones along the way.

We are all fathers/ mothers who work to much for too little so our entertainment its criticial to our sanity. somehow after a year of E&P not only have a kept my sanity, but inhave had the pleasure of taking the responses,opinions, and beliefs of people from all wallks of life and started to change my own.

As a competitor this game could drive you to hold the butcher knife in the mirror and wishing guin was real so you could stab her in the face for not dying to that chain of purple that gave your full team mana only to watch her snatch all your specials away with a blink and a wand…sorry flashback…:slight_smile:

For new players, find a good alliance not just any alliance but one that fits your style of play, casual, competetive, low spending, finding the right place is crucial to game enjoyment. Every hero has a place and with new additions all heroes will give you a chance to get needed items for later better heroes.

SET YOURSELF A SPENDING BUDGET AND STAY AT IT. as long as you approach this as a long time entertainment project that you are enjoying with your friends and not trying to “rush” to the top. you can find a feasible spending limit that you are confortable with and take it as it comes. Enjoy yourself with your friends, and come to the forums looking for advice needed as you progress. There are some awesome players here, take advantage of that while they are around.

Older players, thank you for paving the way, fighting for change, and hope that you guys keep enjoying these updates as i do.

To those that have left us you are missed, and an extra special thank you to one of the most loyal and humble ftp players in the game @Jedon (prayers with you daily brother.) ,who is currently at war with an illness and any support for this man would be greatly appreciated.

not sure what stats for high spend or ftp would look like but here are my personal stats after one year of playing.

never missed a titan, never missed a war, and most importantly, stuck to my budget and made it as high as #7 globally without a lot of sought after heroes in my roster and also having never used wu kong since week 3 except back early in wars when he was a hero i had to use for clean ups lol. Find the right group of people and you will find your way and have fun while doing it.

Shout out to my Alliance The Untouchablez. there is no me without the loyalty and friendship of you guys.

@Rigs, @Uclapack, @Anchor, @Kerridoc, @JonahTheBard, @Razor, and @Petri thank you all for a great way to keep up with some of the most important people in my life when we all have our own lives to live. All of your knowledge and information has helped me tremendously and i wish you all the best in days to come.

Thanks to all the community for a great year, on to the next one.



Candyman Candyman Candyman…

Massively Important to keep your gemmy beating HeArT HAPPY - It’s all about the PEEPS


This my friends is one of the most impressive statements I have EVER SEEN… dedication to the MAX

This makes the day worth facing - all the organization, the reach outs, the research, the pursuit of new ideas and ways to help you, the due diligence, the vetting, the posting, the writing, the recording, and the RAIDING!!!



Cheers @DoctorStrange!

I love a positive forum message :grin:

I’m a notorious SG fanboy, but have been thinking about any constructive criticism I would bring to their table.

So how about this, SG, as a sign of what a progressive and responsible company you can be:

Allow people to set an in-game spend limit AND show their monthly and yearly spend.


Congratulations on your 1 year @DoctorStrange ! I passed my 1 year a few months ago. Looking back, I wish I’d heard this advice at the start. While I love where I’m at in the game, getting here would have been less frustrating if I’d followed these same rules.

This is the best piece of advice for any player. The right group of players will keep this a game instead of making it another job. These are people you will learn from, teach, laugh with until you cry, and count as friends although you’ve never met. In life, we rarely get to pick our families but we can here :wink:

Congratulations again on your 1-year and here’s hoping for another!