1 year 3 months - this is how long it will take me to ascend a blue 5* at this rate. A little steep?

Or even longer who knows. I just checked my items. Ive been playing since the beginning of august and have 2 telescopes total. From the two blue quests i got in this time.

2 items per 5 or 6 months when 6 are needed for just 1 hero is a little silly. Im not doing much better on rings either. 3 total 1 from a buyable offer. Other items are on 5 total. Ally kills 8-10* titans.

Quite disheartening now that i know completing events wont help with that either.

If a monthly challenge event offers 1 item and not a 4* one either ive little hope for alliance wars tbh.

Elemental chests have been really underhwelming recently too. Past 3 gave me just silver tokens and gloves/compass. One hidden blade.


This is very real. I have been playing this game for a while and about to level up to 42 and still haven’t got all the ascension item for 5* heros.

all I have so far.

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I started 10 months ago. Have 8 5* at 4 ascension, normally takes about 4-6 months to get all the items and that was before rare wanted existed.
Sounds like you’re just unlucky.

Unlucky!! make sense :joy::joy:. This game worked well for you​:ok_hand::+1:.

This is after 8 months. Can I borrow your lucky rabbits foot, Wîf? :grin:


Been playing since late May and my issue thus far is getting 5* heroes to ascend. :disappointed:

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Since the end of may, can totally ascend a rainbow team, another green, and have other 4 for each element.

You get it all at once for no reason, just wait.

I"ve found that to be the case, both for 70s materials and now 80s. I started basically Aug 1st. back around Octoberish I was sitting on 9 60s, with 3 of all the ascension items. Then I moved up alliances and started hitting 8* titans, another monthly event, rare quest bug was resolved and started again and all of sudden I had 7 70s in two weeks. It did help that I also spent money on the trainers tools gem packs (the ones with warm capes, hidden blades, and trap tools).

Was the same for 80s - sat on a bunch of five stars 70s for awhile, then got the final items right before Xmas and did 3 80s back to back to back. Seems to be common as you grow.


I had ice chest today, and this is what I had…:sob::sob::sob::sob:

Now how am I suppose to ascend my 5* heros.

With items from Rare Quests? Umber just gave rings and other goodies…another Rare Quest will swing around soon. :slight_smile:


Those rare quests are a great benefit, now that they show up regularly again! When one of them show up it’s always a happy day.

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