1* troops in war defence

1* troops are often automatically configured in the war defence line-up. My alliance always has to remind our members to change those.

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Hmm. I’ve not had that; my normal levelled troops are selected as default

This usually happens when a different hero is assigned to the defence, that does not have a troop assigned to it. So always something to check, if you change your defence line up

That is probably the problem. Maybe SG can do something about it :slight_smile:

I think that this happens in this situation. I’ll use red for an example, but it’s the same with any color.

  • you place a red hero on you defense, with no other red heroes already on the team. Best red troop is auto-assigned.
  • you place another red hero on the team. Second-best red troop is auto-assigned, or a basic 1* red troop is generated.
  • you remove the first red hero. No troop reassignment is automatically made.

TL;DR: check your troops every time you set a team.

I’ve become the nag queen on our alliance. It drives me crazy when players don’t check their troops.


Describes my problem perfectly.

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