1* Titan 4 in a row?

We have had a 1* Titan 4 in a row now ever since POV started, why???
** Correction, it’s been 4**

Also, we should have been bumped up to 2* by now and we’re missing POV points which is not fair.

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Titan spawns are, unfortunately, largely random. Typically, if you kill a titan, you will either

  • Get another of the same level titan
  • Get a titan +1 level higher

Or, on rare occasion,

  • Get a titan +2 levels higher

If you let a titan escape, you will either

  • Get another titan of the same level, or
  • Get a titan 1 level lower

I understand your frustration, because my alliance was up to 6* titans. Then we slacked off a bit and dropped down to 5s. Missed one 5* titan, and dropped down to 4s. Had to kill like five 4* titans in a row before we moved back up to 5. Just because we missed a single 5. :man_facepalming:

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Ok but I’ve never ever seen an alliance get stuck on a 1* 4x in a row… none have escaped…


It’s rare, but it happens. I think we had that issue when we first started. I know it took at least a few days to move up to 2*s.

Well it’s BS and the entire alliance is pissed. It’s been 4 days… We should have at lease 3/5 Titan POV points by now.

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Understandably so.

If it’s any consolation… I counted the titan requirements for PoV, and if I’m correct, you can actually let 15 titans escape out of 50, and still complete the titan path.

Not for all of my team, some are lower level and cannot complete the events or higher raid or other quests they choose. Its just not fair for them and I’m mad lol

How can I get the IT or creators to look into this. No offense but I’m not happy with your responses lol

As I understand it, the faster you kill a titan the higher the odds the next one is a higher star. If you are just squeaking the kill in you are more likely to get the same star.


We kill immediately, in literally minutes to try to get to 2* for POV challenge

No you’re good!! I appreciate all of the insight. Just looking for answers from them bc this has never happened

It is normal to have the same titan * 4× in a row. 5× would be rare but possible.

Not in my experience. My alliance just let a titan escape, then we kill the next titan in almost 22 hours… but the * went up.

On another occasion, we kill 10* titan 4× in a row only using 11 hours but we still ended up with 10*.

It seems it is affected by titan score in alliance score.

Unfortunately I don’t know how they calculate it. I was just trying to tell you not to worry, because there are still 46 days left.

Defeat Titan

Tier Titan Kills Needed Valor points
1 5 kills of 2* or higher +300
2 6 kills of 3* or higher +450
3 7 kills of 4* or higher +750
4 8 kills of 5* or higher +1300
5 9 kills of 6* or higher + 2200

Tier 5 (V) is the final tier; Total Kills = 35 Kills; Total Valor Points = 5,000

Original point being that your entire alliance should still be able to complete the entire titan kill path, assuming that you’re all able to take down 6* titans.

Apologies… being “helpful” isn’t really my forte. Was just trying something new. I mostly just come here to post absurd opinions and funny stuffs. I don’t know the devs or how they do stuff (I believe they mostly hate me).


Well, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been wrong :rofl:

In my experience if we kill a titan after 22 hours the next is more likely to be same or lower stars. I don’t recall it going up but it may have.

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I’ve never seen a titan go down in stars except for when we let one escape. Usually if we kill ours at the last minute, the next one is the same level.

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It is much more likely to be the same but I did see it go down. It may have been one we just barely killed after the previous one escaped.

If that is the 4th or 5th titan in a row with same star, it will go up. It will also go up even if it is just the 3rd if it is rare.

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Unfortunately, in starting a new alliance you will get inundated with 1* titans. You are not alone.

When we started a new alliance, within three weeks we were hitting 10* titans, and ensuring titans did not escape. As was mentioned earlier, the faster your alliance defeats titans the quicker they increase in level. GL

Our alliance has been up for over a year lol. We’re not new so I’m just very confused how this keeps happening…

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