1 space in long running, active alliance, please come join us 😊

I just left my 1st and only alliance after 800 days of service. I hold around 3000 cups, have 30 fully leveled 5 Star hero’s with half of them 2LB. I just out grew the alliance. How do I join yours?

That was easy. lol! I didn’t realize you were an open alliance. See you in game.

Ha, I’m so pleased you could join us OB1, you’re perfect for our Alliance!! :blush::+1:t2:

Only one space available now for a reliable, active player who is mid to high level. Please check us out, if you’re looking for friendly, active, supportive, well established Alliance! :blush:

One space has opened for a reliable, active member. We are fully active and have been running for 6 years! I just need one special person to join us. We are currently defeating 12* Titans and win the majority of wars.

Please check out sirens&tritons :blush:

Hey Blem, one more space has cropped up in my Alliance. If you by chance know anyone who may be interested, I would be really grateful if you could please point them in our direction!



One space available, please check us out if you’re looking for an active, well established Alliance :blush::+1:t2:

I now have 2 spaces available, please check us out :+1:t2:

Hey Blem

I hope you’re well! I have space for 2, if by chance you know of anyone?

Please, please send them my way if you do :blush:

Best wishes


I’m well thanks WonderSquirrel. Hope you are too.
Everyone I know still playing at the moment is either happy where they are or seriously considering quitting the game altogether. However, as soon as I hear of someone looking for a change and consider them a good fit I’ll send them over post-haste.

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:

I’m glad to hear you’re well Blem, I am too thanks.
Ah no worries at all, that would be really great if you come across someone suitable!

Thanks so much


Hi WonderSquirrel3

I am looking for a similar kind of alliance who value personal life. I’m at Level 96 and had stopped playing a year back. Now I want to start playing again. Let me know if there is a vacant spot available and if you have any questions for me.

I am a silent player and minimal interaction in game chat ( sometimes, I do chat more when I have free time). Regardless, I do my bit for the alliance with honesty.

Hey Dark

Thanks for your message. We are a friendly Alliance who totally respect that personal life comes first. However, we are very active now, apart from one member who is on a permitted break. Wars are optional, as I do kick for missed flags, but help is required with our Titans as we are close to capping at 13*. If you are either to help with either or both that would be amazing!

We are a chatty bunch but quite a few members choose not to participate in the chat which is absolutely fine by me! Please feel free to jump in with us and if we’re not for you, that’s ok :+1:t2:

The last member who recently joined us is in a similar position to you, he’s been out of the game for 2 years, so is just helping with Titans for now.

We are invite only, so if you want to join, just put a msg in to say we’ve chatted in the forum and someone will accept you. I’ll hang fire if anyone else tries to join!

I hope this all sounds ok :+1:t2:

DarkHorse is this also your gaming name ? If not please let me know. I just want to make sure we accept the right member if you do decide to join us. :+1:t2:

I have a new opening for one and a further space is likely to become available within the next couple of days. Please check us out :+1:t2: