1 set rings too many reds

Who to be maxed?

Red Hood, Zimkitha, Marjana, Azlar, Santa, Mitruko, khagan, Elena, Natalya.

I have only one set of rings, Need your advice. It’s for both raids and titans.

How look rest of your heroes? Can you add screenshots?
Without this knowledge - Mariana, she ia good everywhere

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if it is your first red 80, I agree Marjana is a good choice as she is flexible - good for offense or defense and a fast sniper. in a vacuum without knowing what else you have I would choose her.

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Ok thanks for your advice guys. I will go for Marjana. She‘s my preference too, before I asked.

Marjana since she is the prettiest of the lot. :rofl:

Or whatever Dante and Radar said. :stuck_out_tongue:


if you got many sniper already , Zim would be wise choice , Fast+Buff+Cleanse

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