1 revenge only

You know…over the last 10 months I have worked hard to build up my team and win cups in the hope of helping my alliances team power but this whole thing of being able to do multiple revenges is just frustrating.

This morning I got hit by the same person 4 times… he lost 8 cups the first time, 9 the next time, and 11 the third time and on the fourth go won 48 cups. If I was to revenge though…I would risk losing 51 cups and winning only 8. Trust me…I was tempted just because I was so annoyed…but…

I admit …I am a strategy player and look at the team I am opposing and balance out my win/loss ratio and rarely let my emotions take control over whether I revenge or not. For the longest time when I was lower levels I didn’t even realize we could do multiple revenges but even when I did finally figure it…I stuck with my one revenge rule.

So my question and I guess my suggestion is…to have a simple across the board option that everyone gets just 1 revenge only. It doesn’t seem fair that we work so hard to reach diamond level…only to have huge numbers of cups taken away by a lucky lower level player.

I’d love if they make the revenge lasts only for 24 hours.
Some people aim to drop cups for days then revenge after 2 or 3 days.
Collecting food and cups from other players who maybe reached a higher rank.

I also would love if the Arena system get edit and make each rank play vs same ranking players.
Cause why do I have to roll diamond players on half mid platinum!