1 Pair of Fine Gloves - 13 Heroes

Thanks to Farholme Pass (March 2020) I now have 1 pair of Fine Gloves available.

Only problem is 13 (yes thirteen) Heroes want to get their hands on, or should that be in, them…

Wu Kong
Little John

Who should be the lucky new owner???

Please help…

Wilbur will change your life for the better :+1:



Personally I would vote for Wu Kong.

The main reason being that he will boost your Titan Performance. The better you do against titans, the better loot tier you get. The better Loot Tier you get, the better chances you have at getting more ascension materials. More ascension materials = you can ascend more of your 13 heroes :slight_smile:


Wilbur - Wu Kong - Healer of color you wish

Are all the listed heroes at 3.60 level and just wait for gloves to go to a final ascension? Do you have Compass and 4 Capes (blades, orbs etc) to ascend a hero of any color?
If no, then I’d wait and raise heroes to 3.60 and play with them for sometime, combining them in different teams. With that you’ll know better what hero you like the most. More importantly, by that time you most likely will get more gloves.

It’s hard to advise you without knowing your other heroes but Wilbur will help you complete events and quests so I’d pick him. Wu Kong is another great hero but if you don’t have maxed healer you should go for Boldtusk or Melendor

Wilbur and Wu will both help with improved titan scores. I’d go Wilbur first, because he’s useful everywhere else as well.

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What hero’s do you already have maxed?

Do you have costumes for either Melendor or Boldtusk?

Wilbur, Wu Kong and healers can do their job at 3.60, provided their special skill is maxed. Hitters need ascension more. I’d think of Grimm, Scarlett or Caedmon first.

All 13 are ready to go, the gloves were the final requirement for each of them.

Only other fully maxed is Lianna, but Seshat is close.

I got costumes for both Melendor and Boldtusk today :smile:

IMO Wilbur 1st… Wu Kong 3.70 can survive as long as wilbur special is active… but wait… wilbur self at 3.70 can survive duh :sweat_smile:
I prefer Boldtusk 1st… can be as healer on offense and also can be as tank defense, also support for Titan.

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