1 out of 3 difficulty in missions


In missions, everyone can play in all three levels of difficulty. This is not right because they win all three strong and experienced players. I suggest that the player can choose only 1 of 3 difficulty levels, so beginners will compete with beginners, and strong with strong, because for this, and need levels of difficulty! If a player wants to try his hand at another difficulty level, then his progress is reset and he starts from the beginning.


You mean for the Event.

Why can’t someone do multiple difficulty levels? They still have to pay in energy to maintain/succeed in those different levels.

Also, what about the completion prizes? Do you suggest giving those back as well?


I want to compete with the same in strength as I am! that the weak competed with the weak, and the strong with the strong. Now players of 40 levels win in all levels of complexity.


Which is true to life, don’t you think? :wink:

Seriously, I have no issue competing against the strong. I assume I won’t win, but sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised.


You compete on the exact same grounds as everyone else because of the limitations.

You may not compete against beginners only in the lower tier, but nobody will be able to bring their higher level items, troops, or heroes (if you want to be competitive in the beginner tier then you’d need at least a team of maxed 3s I assume). If everyone has maxed 3s, then if anything you probably have an advantage over the higher lvl players because they wouldn’t level their 2* troops as it is too expensive.

Personally, I like to play the intermediate and advanced, don’t know of any of the higher level players who actively compete in the lower levels (if they want to be competitive they’ll go to the higher ranks with better rewards). I play the first level only of the beginner tier to get a free normal summon token :slight_smile:


It’s pretty balanced; I’m only seeing one high level that appears to have explicitly levelled 3* troops for this event.

I recognize all of one player on the beginner lists, and that is only from forum postings; Intermediate has some of the highest skill people I know on it, and Advanced is the usual suspects. Seems to be working as intended.

Ultimately unless you can get into the top 10 on a given bit I’m of the opinion that the completion rewards are better than the event ones, so I simply cleared Advanced and Intermediate and am floating just outside the top 100 on both but since I don’t have the right heroes developed for a higher placement shot I’m just ignoring it and going back to my regularly scheduled programming.

FWIW I finished in the top 20 on Advanced on the last one to put it in perspective, just this one isn’t as friendly to my particular hero development, and I don’t really need more capes personally… if it were 2x shields or 2x orbs for 11-50 I’d be a lot less sanguine about it :).


I have another idea.
Quest begin with Easy only.
(Expected the “rare” Quests)
After clearing Easy player become Medium etc.


How would that work, with the same limitations as now?

That would mean that I, for example, won’t be able to do medium or the hard challenge (both which I now complete) because I don’t have a team of 3*s that is good enough to complete the easy event.

Also that would ensure that literally everyone would be competing in the easy part of the challenge, making it only more difficult for starting players to grab the prizes in that category.