1 Day Shield

How it’s possible a buy shield at the 1 Day it this time i’m a attacker enemy players. Whats hapened that same situation was last 2 days i buy shield for the 7 days 1k diamonds and shield not defend me. Please add 1k diamonds to my account and five me informator when bugs be repeired?


Hello @Ambrozt

Forgive me if my translation from your screenshot is incorrect, but in both attacks by “Trasser,” this was Enemy Revenge. That I can find, the Raid Shield does not protect you from Revenge attacks, only from new attacks.

I know it must be frustrating after spending so many gems, and it isn’t explained clearly that I can find, but I do not believe this is a bug. :frowning:

The good news?? You won in both battles for a gain of 12 trophies! :smile:

Hope it helps,

Your raid log shows that you initiated a raid 11 hours prior, which may explain it as well. A raid shield breaks if you initiate a raid while it is active.


I dislike with my soul the raid shields, they are a punch on the face for all the players, be brave and defend your cups with hardwork not taking the cheating way using those cowards shields.

@lexinen This was my first thought as well, but I think he initiated the last Raid right before purchasing the Shield - from the screenshot, the 1 Day shield had 12 hours 54 minutes remaining, meaning 11 hours and 6 minutes had elapsed. Unfortunately, the last raid only shows “11 hours ago” - which leaves that tiny little 6 minute window where he could have “broken” his Raid shield.

Now, I didn’t feel like purchasing and then breaking a shield myself to verify this, but wouldn’t the Raid shield then immediately enter “Cooldown,” and the corresponding graphic change?

Good point. I’m in the same boat, though; I don’t really want to waste gems by intentionally breaking a shield to see what it looks like.

Anybody know if the shield graphic changes when you enter cooldown?

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I can confirm that the graphics do change when you are in Cooldown - but I haven’t tried breaking a shield, and can only assume that once broken the graphics would immediately display the “Cooldown” timer. :smile:

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You will have a cooldown like this