1* Ascended and Maxed Heros should be equivalent to 1* Trainer Heros

I think that 1* heros that are ascended and maxed should provide the same training experience as a trainer hero. After all, their stats are identical. This holds true for 2* or 3* heros as well. We have put a lot of resources into maxing them. Don’t punish us, allow us to get some value.

A maxed 2* Hero provides 2497 XP as a matched-color feeder.

A 2* Trainer Hero provides 1800 XP as a matched-color feeder.

So I’m a little confused what you’re suggesting. Maxed 2* heroes already give more XP than an equivalent Trainer Hero, are you just suggesting increasing that further?


Ruh-roh :grin:

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Dont currently have any training heros to look but I know a 1* hero max provides less than a 1* trainer hero

Yes, a maxed 1* Hero provides 423 XP as an on-color feeder, and a 1* Trainer Hero provides 1200 XP as an on-color feeder.

But I still don’t understand what I quoted above, which isn’t related to 1* Heroes or Trainers:

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You might be right about the two star or three star, the original post was about one-star mainly


The 1* part makes sense, and I understand now that you didn’t really mean to include the 2* part. Thanks!

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Thanks, I hope this gets support!

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