1* (and possibly 2*) heroes should not count towards "Hero" limit

These heroes should not count towards your hero limit, or worst case have their own (large) limit. There would still be a need to buy extra storage at the current limits/hero types (especially with season 3 coming and the event updates), which is good for SG and reasonable to expect of players.

However having to juggle which heroes to keep with 1* in the same mix as as 3/4/5 and affecting what you can keep is ridiculous. Even for a day one player, 1* are already 99% feeders and within a week 100% feeders.

The same is true of 2* over a slightly longer time scale, but small relative to game play. Within a month or less you are picking up enough 3* even as f2p that 2* are 95%-100% feeder items.

Even when the 1/2* tournaments existed this would have made sense, but with those gone it is especially crazy that these items fall into the same bucket.

Another option would be to separate trainers, although I can see why SG wants to prevent hoarding 3* and minimizing the food cost of higher leveling. But even a 10 trainer limit separate and not counted under the hero limit would be a much better solution.

So basically, we need to develop a different food source for leveling heroes?

  • Was 1/2* food an issue before tournaments existed?

  • How does the existence of 3/4/5* tournaments alter the issue of food?

Nice try but then no one need to extent their roster capacity with expensive gems anymore :wink:
SG won’t change a feature that brings them money…

I’m not sure that is true. People might be more willing to spend on roster slots b/c it goes towards storing real heroes, rather than towards having enough slop in the roster when you need it to collect from barracks.

Afaik the current limits were developed pre-season 2 and some of the additional event heroes. Add in new season 3 heroes and even w/o 1* counting towards the limit, anyone playing for any length of time would still need to pay for additional slots to have a deep roster.

My suggestion would not change anything except for whether 1* heroes count towards your hero limit or have their own separate constraint.

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