1* and 2* hero quests

We already have quests to get ham, iron, high quantities of recruits, battle items, etc. — what if there was a quest were you can gain feeder heroes?

Hero Quest 1:
Level 1: gain three 1* heroes
Level 2: gain five 1* heroes
Level 3: gain ten random 1* or 2* heroes

Hero Quest 2:
Level 1: gain three 1* or 2* heroes
Level 2: gain five 1* or 2* heroes
Level 3: gain ten 2* heroes

What do you think? Sometimes you just need a couple feeder heroes and don’t want to wait hours for your recruits to be made. I would actually complete this quest unlike all the other quests that no one uses.

Seriously, does anyone even do the ham, iron, XP, battle item quests? I only do recruits 2 IFF there is a troop token.

I quite like this, although the food and iron are helpful early level i don’t do them at all now. And feeders would be useful to all levels.

It would be one the finest quests

Yeah that would be cool! Or even do a troops one aswell

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We need one for troops.

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Love the idea. Quest II should definitely have at least 1 trainer at the end, but everything else seems like a great addition.

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