1.9 Release Notes

Edit: Update out now for both Android & iOS.

  • December special content added!
    • Save The Winter in a new limited-time Quest with unique features and rewards
    • Explore the mysteries of the Winter Calendar with daily offers and special free treasures
    • Log in daily between 1st and 25th for extra gifts
  • Special Skill adjustments and fixes:
    • Adjustments to the functionality of how Defense Reduction debuffs work. The exponential damage increase resulting from very low defense values has been adjusted to provide slightly less extreme results.
  • Battle item adjustments:
    • Bomb Attack: Increased attack debuff from -20% to -25%
    • Dragon Attack: Increased damage over time from 60 to 132
  • Personalized Alliance Banners:
    • Leader and co-leaders of the Alliance can now freely edit the pattern and symbol of their Alliance Banner
  • New Chat Room for the Turkish language
  • Various bug fixes and smaller improvements

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