1.9.7 update

Update 1.9.7 caused my titan battle to shut down
Got a zero score would like a flag replacement

The same thing happened to me. I lost my flag and got 0 for my score…

Good luck. It once happened to me just as I started a raid. When I loaded the game back up I expected the game still be there waiting for me to continue. It wasn’t. It recorded me as losing and I lost 49 cups for the pleasure as well. Not fair at all.

Small Giant send everyone an in game message warning people when they are doing in game maintenance and asked people not be doing any important attacks raids etc at that time.


I guess I am lucky.
I install updates from the playstore … only at home with Wireless LAN.
… Saves on data volume for my cell phone account …

did not send me any messeges

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Doesn’t stop there. Within a short time-frame today, I’ve been repeatedly disconnected from my Alliance. When it happens It typically sends me to the ’ General ’ group chat. When I try going back to my alliance chat, it says I’m not in an alliance. I have to wait and try again!

The other times, the alliance chat logs are wiped except for system messages. Have to close out of the game completely, and go back into it. Very annoying.

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Is there something broken with the update and autoplay?

I installed the update today and happily went to farm 20.4 in autoplay as usual - and lost!

That has never happened to me before. Never.

I use Boldtusk, Rigard, Richard, Joon and Caedmon for 20.4. In that order, left to right. All of them fully levelled.


That happened during the time of some … maintenance … when the alliance chat kept disappearing, and one time the game even told me that I was not in an alliance.

Please tell me that this was a bug, not a new feature!

This happened to me too early in the morning Caedmon, Boldtusk, Tiburtus, Rigard and Grimm. All maxed.

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Do you folks have your phones set to auto-update apps? Why on earth would you ever want that? or is that some weird mandatory Android thing??

I don’t think that 20.4 is a lock on auto play, ever, because of the harmonic slam enemies and how fast they generate mana. This is using Caed (70), Jackal (70), Ares (80), Perseus (80), Sartana (70) left to right. I’d say 10% of the time I have to intervene to avoid losing a person early (usually the corner people because of Ares heal on Jackal and Perseus) and especially on the DOT bosses that feel like they have ‘fast’ mana and pack enough of a punch that the damage can add up quick. The first time I realized it was on the boss level one time and only Ares was left…that was a close one. Bot sure I would have won if I didn’t intervene.

I must say though, with two healers in your team, one of which who boosts attack and the other who heals the blindness, it would seem really, really improbable, but not impossible, to lose on an auto-farm.

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naww … no auto update. ever.
I pull the updates from the playstore manually.
When I am at home, using wireless LAN. And not my monthly data volume.

Well, I never ever lost at 20.4 in autoplay, using Rigard and Boldtusk on the team. Ever. Always the same team. And I was watching VERY carefully the first few times. I do not like to take unnecessary risks.

In addition, autoplay was a little erratic anyway today. As if the AI was drunk or something …

Did you ever notice, when on auto-play, winning with some of your heroes dead?


I lost Caedmon once on doing 20.4 on autoplay.
But all the other heroes were very much alive and kicking.

I mean really alive. Not low health or anything.

Well then maybe your luck was even lower this time, and it just happened after an update.
I’d say keep playing on auto, and if you lose again soon then maybe something has changed indeed. :slight_smile:

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The system resets itself every Wednesday so your messages will always be deleted from alliance chat on the Wednesday of the week. This sometimes includes saying that you are not in an alliance however it only lasts for a very short time.

I’m closing this thread as the latest version is 1.10.1.