1.8 Update - Feedback & Discussion


1.8 here, update your game now! :slight_smile:

You can find the full release notes here:

This topic is for feedback & discussion on the update.

New update 1.8

Kashhrek skill descryption continues with Ice defence, not Fire.


You fixed Kestrel damage notification as well. Nice! The second buff for Elkanen makes him a very attractive hero. And I tried the buff for Kadilen. With her fast mana, I was almost constantly protected against specials during raids, great! I only wished you would have upped her special damage a little. At level 70 it’s still very poor in comparison.


The translation for the XP in german is wrong. Should be “Du benötigst noch xxxx Erfahrungspunkte für das nächste Level”

German Spielerprofil

I’m not seeing an update for IOS. Is it coming? (My App Store shows an update three days ago to 1.7.3)


I am on iOS and it was there this morning EST.


I’ll shut my phone down; a minute ago it was still not there. :frowning:


You really should have take in consideration remove the stack between defence debuff and element debuff.
It is the same problem it was before in a different form.


Great improvement on Mustashi’s healing. :slight_smile:


I also had no update for IOS


(I sent in a ticket with screenshots.)


Is it normal, that i was attacked seven time in one hours ?
And the other Problem, in my allianz i can’t see the profiles of other members.


Yes that is normal. Once your alliance members update you’ll be able to see them again


No ios update for my tablet. I rebooted device and still no update


The update might not be available for all players instantly as it is being rolled out around the globe gradually. Please be patient, if your App Store doesn’t have the update yet - it should arrive soon!


I had same problem with ipad and new ios, not available. But for iphone with old ios version I got 1.8. Seems apple rolls different versions at different time.


Apple just sucks period. But I just can’t seem to stray away from it :roll_eyes:


I really like the Kashrek change looking at it logically. He was already quite frost-resistant being blue. This skill makes more sense now.

I still think Elkanen is garbage though lol. I’m trying so hard to believe he can be useful to me [my only 5*], but everytime I take him out he disappoints me and the 15% is just… unnoticeable :rofl: I should feed him to Brienne to teach him a lesson.

Also, am I hallucinating or are enemies in raids auto-attacking faster? Visually, I mean. It’s like PEWPEWPEPWPEW whereas it used to be more a PEW PEW PEW.


if you go to the updates in the App Store and swipe down (pull the screen down hold for a couple of seconds and release) the update will pop up. That worked for me…


“Kashhrek : The type of elemental defense buff changed from Ice to Fire”

  • While it might make sense I do not like this change at all, I feel like it’s a Nerf, I was seriously considering ascending my Kashhrek, but he will remain 3/60 for good now.

“3 New Legendary Heroes Added
Khagan (Fire), Domitia (Dark) and Obakan (Dark)”

  • Having new stuff is fun but Im not that excited with the new heroes, I’d pick Sartana and Marjana over those any day.

“Rare Quests are now less likely to overlap with Challenge Events but are slightly more likely to appear at other times”

  • And this is the icing on the cake… Instead of complaining about the Gem quest overlapping the event they were bothered by the ascension material quest instead, I hope they are satisfied now

This is a terrible update in my opinion.