+1.8 single Mythic Hit (Currently 2nd place)

Here is the video of the +1.8 single Mythic Hit: 1,800,945 SINGLE Hit!!!! on Gilgamesh Mythic Titan!!!!!— Empires and Puzzles Books - YouTube


Congrats! :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:
As always, thanks for sharing :trophy:

Colour me surprised, you had Ranvir in there too :wink:


Strange. It hides your last line and will not allow it to be quoted?!

Anyway, I always run Ranvir in my Holy team for attacking Titans. He is mathematically equivalent to Miki for tiles boosted, but without the silence but his boosted attack also applies to specials (not super helpful on titans, but something).


Every titan hitter’s dream, a Ranvir that doesn’t make you miss(a lot). Great hit, that 22combo is more than what I ever hit, lol.

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Congratulations on the hit! :100:

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Right before I took this shot I was speaking to Vlad (#1 hitter on this titan) on Line and he showed me his video. He had a 20 combo and we talked about how lucky that was … then I hit a 22. haha. My highest combo ever was 26.

As for Ranvir, there are 2 of us in the top 100 with Ranvir. Ranvir’s tile boost/damage is mathematically equivalent to Miki… over time :slight_smile:

@Gwniver Thank you!


Congrats @JekylandHyde ! That is a heck of a score. Let us know what your total damage ends up too please. :+1: As a fellow Ranvir user it is refreshing to read something other than he sucks and misses 100% of the time. :laughing:

Congrats again!



Thanks Muchacho … Ranvir is a beast. So many players just hate random outcomes :slight_smile:

As for total damage, I am not going for that figure. I’m not even sure I will use all flags :slight_smile:


That’s fair. I imagine you’re locked into the top loot bracket after 3 swings or so. Took me a moment to think of that, it’s a different world down here. :laughing:

One cool challenge, in the opinion of someone for whom it would be impossible :laughing:, is to see how many different teams per mythic titan can get over the 1 million mark without using duplicate heroes. Food for thought.


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Nicely done! You popped into our lowly alliance briefly a few weeks ago-I wish you had stayed for this score :wink:

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That is a challenge for @Colonel !

@Andrewbook Thank you! I was probably out mercing.


Thank you for the video!
A question or comment about that, since you are hitting with Ranvir hundreds of time during the video :sweat_smile:, you get a big sample, and hence you come close to 65% hit (and 35% miss).
Ranvir has 195% (normal and special) vs Miki’s 130% normal attack. From Normal attack point of view, they are similar on big sample. But you get some bonus for “right” color in your setup and boost of special, so overall Ranvir should give more compare to if you replace him with Miki.
Just tried to understand…

We tends to remember 1/3 “miss” more often than 2/3 hit.

Happy gaming


Yes! Well said. Thank you.

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You use the term “challenge” loosely :wink:

Mathematically the damage is the same but Miki has one big advantage over Ranvir ( or Wu) and that is he never misses. With three tiles in the weak spot the titan always get stunned. Jekyl uses Ranvir because yellow becomes a strong color with Onatel.

The mathematical equivalence factors in the published miss rate.

Ranvir 195% attack increase but misses 35% of the time
Miki 130% attack that does not miss

Factoring in Ranvir’s greater attack boost but subtracting out misses makes them equivalent.
Sometimes Ranivr will be much BETTER, sometimes much WORSE, but averages out to be about the same. :slight_smile: