1.7 Update Feedback

New update is out, you can read the full update notes here: 1.7 Release Notes

Update your game now and please share any feedback you have on the update here. :smiley:

Love that you can see exp numbera now and not just percentages. Not sure why you didn’t highlight in notes as you should be patting yourselves on the back for finally doing it.

Also, in missions food/iron put your total in thousands (k) but total needed in millions (m). These should be in the same units

For Galaxy s7 updated on latest sprint update it is showing that the game is unavailable for my phone

Here’s my phone settings

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Update not showing in apple app store so i am locked out of the game after spending money.

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I still have not received any update. Running Android app on my Google Nexus 9 tablet

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Wish the game had not locked me out until the update was available at the Apple APP Store. Right now it just keeps looping me and no update is visible.

Perhaps someone can please tell me what is the latest version so I know if I have the update

Still to early to give you a response, since majority of features are involved with the event and the others not so great or crucial improvement.

I let you know…

I’m IOS, and my latest version after update is 1.7, build 231.

Interesting. My version is 1.7 build 403

Are you Android? I believe they get releases first…

Yes. Android 7.11 I think.

@Stevsta, @Peeaanuut, @dafrca,

Have you all managed to update now?

Yes, after like 5 pm PST that day I think I was able to download

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Another update with no release notes, that I can find.

Galaxy Note 5, Android version 7.0

Food misssion changed units gathered to M. Iron is still K. That all I noticed

Why did the Devs alter the mana generation on heroes? This seems to be rather ridiculous to slow the gem effects on our heroes just to add a new “Very Fast” hero. I know many others have noticed this as well. In typical Small Giant fashion, give a little but take much more back. Please correct this. If I must post videos to show the difference in mana generation from before the update vs now. I certainly will.

I also assume hu tao can now be seen on apple