1.7 Alliances search function


Since the new version, alliances reserch button show me only guild of my own country, not guild of all over the world anymore.

I don’t know if it is intended or not, but i’m really sad cause i like to play in multiethnic alliances and i found it a little… racist?


I can still find all alliances I search for. Or do you mean suggestions it gives by itself (does it even do that?). You could always ask on English alliance recruitment for an international alliance (I have one and recruit there).

You got me worried a bit, I have my game set to Dutch, but my alliance set to English, so I was worried my alliance would become invisible :wink:.


Exactly. In the previous version, when you searching for a new alliance without any keyword, you get results at random from all over the world, based on points an empty spot.
Now all the results are from your own country, no matter what.

Right now i’m indeed using the recruitment room of other spoken languages to get a spot on internetional teams, but it’s very frustrating cause the selection is poor, many times is already full or the “features” of the guild doesn’t suite me.

Long story short, i find this very useless, because if i wanna join a team of the same country, i only need to go 2 minutes in global chat.


I just played around with this a bit on my account. I’d thought if I changed my selected language it would show alliances using that language. Nope. I thought, well, I’m in an english language alliance, so I’ll go out of my alliance, with my language of choice changed and search alliances. Nope. Still only english language options available.

Honestly, this feature is meant to help people find alliances in the language of their choosing. So hopefully this will be working properly soon. Then it will be easier then ever for you to find international alliances. :grinning:


Yep, i tried that too hoping to “trick” the research, but nothing.

Still wanna thank you for the answer.


Is it possible to get an INTERNATIONAL setting that shows all alliances? Just curious.