1.6 Update Feedback


Update is out now for both Android & iOS! Please leave your comments on this topic - we would love to hear your feedback. :slight_smile:

You can read the full release notes here: 1.6 Release Notes



You’re claim of nerfing brienne but making her all overall special better is like trying to wrap poop in fools gold foil. By dropping her 79% start up boost to 45% and increasing attack buff after being hit from 13% to 20% doesn’t put the user in a position where it could be seen as better. Even with a total overall increase of 1% in which the conditions to hit that are never going to happen to 99.9% of the community.
All hero’s have to be hit 3 times now to get the effect that used to be at special start.
You knew the vast majority did not want Athena nerfed for a second time, yet you still did it.
Players can not view what is being said in own alliance now while in global.

If your idea of better rewards is same as what you did to brienne special, then that means its really crappy.

The info note on the titans was a nice feature.

Haven’t seen anyone mention this YET, but I hope you didnt mess up healing while under blind like you did with wu Kong.


So far I like this new patch! :slight_smile:

  • I like the addition of new missions
  • I like the addition of Titan special info
  • I have great hopes for upcoming events and rare quests
  • I like the changes to how Blind affects the special abilities.
  • I love the fact that Athena/Brienne debuffs don’t stack anymore. Great to finally have that bug fixed!


  • A more verbose release notes about how some mechanics were changed and are intended to work.
    Like riposte dmg before dispelled. Or the mana cost change for missing specials when blinded (that was changed, and now chaged again)

Overall I’m enjoying this update! Good job! :slight_smile:


I was going to open a topic saying the same things, but it would appear theres no need.

Wanna just add that even if the same hero get hit 4 times in 4 turns (and survive, lol) and boost at its limit brienne special, thats not change the fact that the previous 3 hit get minus damage compared to what was before.
So the overall damage is cut of by… 50% if you are lucky?

I understand that you guys wanna change the game if you see something wrong, don’t agree but i understand.
Just don’t make it looks like an improvement.

It really has the feeling of “hey dumbass, i got your nose :D”


Oh, btw, nothing to complain about the other features.

  • Athena debuff stuck stuff is ok, seems legit to fix it.
  • Kadileen special turns too.
  • Titans special information is… ok? (you just have to fight ones to know it but… ok, good)
  • Waterfall of gems for new missions is really good. Maybe too much. (i have the feeling we pay this somehow)
  • New chat rooms really good, help to keeps recruitment in order.
  • Blind affect debuffs… ok, makes sense.

Just 2 things:

  • Don’t understand if the “blind multitarget attacks affects each one separatly” means that Justice/Hu tao attacks can blind some heroes and others not or something else. (because fighting a Hu tao after the upgrade, it blind my entire party anyway, so i don’t know if i’m very unlucky or just have to fix it)

  • Reconsider a little Brienne special, i beg you. It was a good character before, now really is useless. Take away, the damage boost, do a compromise between before and now, but the difference is really huge. Just too much.


last night i was attacked by HAROLD August, 28 11PM MESZ Alliance Dump Trump and from skip da don August, 29 7AM MESZ Alliance ufp. They catch a lot of me but i can’t revanche , always online and i can’t see anything about them - nicht unterstützte Spielerversion - no informations available. Please tell me what is happen about that.


Sounds like one of you hasn’t updated yet. It is possible he attacked you prior to the update. You can’t see info on others if not the same version


There are a couple of good things about the new update, but in my opinion they’re overshadowed by the bad fixes.

I like the new event(s) that are coming, better rare quests (if they actually come this time), titan preview, and new missions.

More important though, is that i think with nerfing heroes’ stacking abilities you’ve destroyed a big part of people’s creative gameplay. Trying to be strategic is apparently no longer rewarded, and heroes with less *s like brienne now serve absolutely no purpose at all anymore. In my opinion you’re getting closer to a pay 2 win format with this. I’m baffled by the fact that you keep nerfing heroes, especially heroes that are barely competitive (brienne) or that you’ve heard very clear noises on that they should not be nerfed anymore (athena, you already nerfed her very bad - which was fair in that case - but the forum posts begged you to not nerf her further). Takes a big part of the fun away for me, partially because heroes like Grimm or Gormek now have absolutely no use to me anymore (that’s 4 out of 8 capes I ever got in over 6 months wasted).

Hope for the next update you’ll have a look around on the forum. Plenty of people are very vocal about possible updates and there are some genuinely good ideas here. Some of them are implemented in this update supposedly (new event, better rare quests), hope that these things continue to have your focus instead of nerfing heroes.


Good patch!

Great with new event. Good bug fixes.

I like how imo blind now makes sense again. Also really great that stacking bug was fixes for Athena and Brianne, although a bit wondering why this particular change needed to wait for a big patch.

I’m a bit confused about how mana isn’t retained by heroes that misses anymore. I can see how it can be related to that it is now possible for heroes affected by blind to miss some and hit some. It is not mentioned in the release notes and results in quite a big buff to blind spell. Is this change intentional? @Petri


Was there a change to the exception to exceed the hero cap? I was just at 64/65 heros and obtained 2 via the map but only had 1 or 65/65 when I went to the hero screen. Before I would be at 66/65. This is a change worthy of being in notes. While I understand the change, I liked the exception as ot allowed me to fully benefit from heros gained in map when I’m near the cap. I only have 1 space due to trainer heros that I can’t use until I get more 4 or 5* heros or ascension items.


Thanks for the fast reply



One error that I keep getting since the update is the new message indicator for alliance chat keeps grtting turned on almost every time I log on despite no new messages


In the past, when Administration would do something so stupid as they have done with this recent update, I felt it was my obligation to rant and rave and post Pages upon pages of logic and reasoning for why the aforementioned stupidity was unreasonable and or unjustified. Today I’m not going to do that.
Today I’m just going to Simply say taking away the stack of Athena and Brienne is just about the stupidest thing you have ever done. ( and I say “just about” because you continually do stupid things, and I should not be surprised anymore when you do)
As Loorts mentioned, you have taken away an aspect of creative gameplay that is one of the only Reasons I’m still playing after all the screwing and nerfing of characters that I have worked very hard to get.
As far as actual gameplay use of these characters, other beneficial specials have to be sacrificed in order to use Athena’s bow and ramming pulverizer in conjunction with one another. Not to mention the precision and timing that is involved in using these specials together with the other specials you have chosen for your team to make an effective attack upon your opponent. It is a gamble that sometimes does not pay off but when it does it pays off well. Such should be with any combination of specials a player has chosen to use. Sometimes they work sometimes they don’t. Just as a good board / bad board can determine the outcome of the match, having to wait for the right moment to use these specials together can also determine whether you win or lose the match. There is no super duper exploitation of the game for having a doubled defense lower. Titans already have tremendous defense and hit points and you were talking about adding maybe 25 to 30% to your normal damage against the Titan, and considering the Titans Life as a whole, that bit of extra damage you did by stacking defense lowering specials does not make a significant difference in the overall outcome of slaying the Titan. It takes 30 people to bring one down not just one person with stacked specials.
As far as using the specials against other opponents, just as with any other combination of specials used against you, you have either built an effective defense or you have not. Just because someone uses a double stack defense lowering special, that does not guarantee an instant loss. If it does, then your team is not worth the salt you thought it was to begin with and you need to re-tweak your strategy. If a select few people are going to cry because they’re having a “difficult time” with a certain combination of specials, then we might as well just make all the attacks and defense based on rock, paper, scissors. Keep it simple for the simple minded.
Way to go Small Giants; your continued ability to fix The Unbroken and innate skill of placing pacifiers in the mouths of crying, hurt-feeling whiners never ceases to amaze me. I simply cannot wait for the day when your latest update brings news that all battles will be decided by the simple flip of a coin.1501723540652_trimmed


That’s exactly the same strategy i was using to overwhelming even much more stronger than mine team in titan fights.
Now it’s done. Gone. Strong people are stronger and thats it. Don’t care if you are a good player or a strategist.
So sad.

Oh, i have to report that since the new version sometimes Hell special go crazy.
Appear, don’t appear, hit another target and so on…


Finally I can be creative again. Just choosing Athena and a pulveriser against every titan without need for strategy or planing has become truely boring. Ever since release of Athena the list of titan attackers has been divided between those players who has her and those that doesn’t, with the first group doing twice ad much damage as the second. After this patch people can actually use different strategies and compete again. To me this is actual creativity instead of holding on to exploiting a well known glitch.


Now there’ll be a difference in the rankings between who has the 5* heroes and who doesn’t.

That you didn’t like the double damage debuff is fine, to each his/her own. But they haven’t nerfed just that. Is it not creative to find use in a 3* hero to get scores that are good enough for the top ranks? To come up with strategies with items to keep Brienne alive and see how you can do the most damage per tile/per flag? Going through all the heroes and all the items to come up with the best combinations is what i meant when I said I liked the strategy part of it. Without stacking you’re done fairly quick, you can do 1 defense debuffer and 1 attack buffer or banner. Add all your strong fast single hitting 5* heroes and you’re done, maybe throw hel in the mix to stop the titan from mana gain. What is the creativity there, using Sartana instead of Hel?


Did anybody else see the name change now costs 500 gems? I just looked the other day and it was only 100. Seriously, 500 gems? That’s like a month of work for F2P just for a name change. Come on man, that’s about as intelligent as a soup sandwich or a wet paper bag full of hammers.


When I block someone, I want them to stay away. Maybe 500 gems will discourage some lurkers and trolls.


Oh yes e, heaven forbid we actually change anything.
" oh no, that new character is doing new things that we haven’t seen before. Oh the humanity for those of us who don’t have that new character. I want to go back to the old way before that character."
If the old game playing money Spenders would spend more of their time asking for new content and new challenges instead of crying and whining anytime something new comes along that irritates their fat Foundation like sand in a bikini on the beach, they might actually enjoy the game as well as bringing some fresh players that might actually Stay Awhile.
Your “well known glitch” has been the most refreshing, eyebrow raising, good idea this game ever experienced. It was NEVER a “glitch”, it was purposefully designed and programmed that way. Athenas bow and Berserker were programmed to stack. To change up the norm, to spark new strategies; both employing it and defending against it.
The Administration flat-out lies when it says above, "

They weren’t stacking incorrectly to begin with, they were made that way.
Once again, the Large Gem Purchasers have cried that their Paid for Maxed out Teams of 5*s are being competed against by players using new strategies and ideas. "OH NO! I PAID GOOD MONEY FOR THIS TEAM. I NEED TO BE INVINCIBLE AND DO BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE NO MATTER WHAT.“
Heaven Forbid the game actually grow and evolve, nope, lets let it stagnate and never change not even one little aspect of *I AM BIGGER, THEREFORE, I WILL ALWAYS WIN.”