1 & 2 star heroes

If there is to be no tournaments for one and two star heroes, then they should have at least a Nominal increase for leveling up. What do you think.




1* level up faster than 2* but not as high.
2* level up faster than 3* but not as high.
And so on… So the nominal part already exists.

As far as WHY goes, this has definitely already been addressed in multiple other threads repeatedly… 2 star heroes have there place for all players in the first couple months. After that they have no value for continuing in this game other than on the dinner plate. If you find yourself sentimental or addicted to art work or whatever leave them in your war team. Fight titans with them. Raid with them. Knock yourself out, and good luck! You’ll need it!..

If you want to advance then finish Bane and work on your 3*’s


Lol,thanks for the reply, but my question is that they should increase for leveling because there is no more tournaments value for them. I have plenty 4* and some 5*.


So you want to make 1* higher level? We have this already they are called 2* heroes.

You want to make 2* higher level? We have this already also… where does the buck stop on this idea?!..

Either play with your food or eat it! End of story…
There’s absolutely no reason for everyone else to be subjected to turkey jerky served up as steak…
Especially newcomers. This idea is worse than having food fights. It blurs the lines for newcomers as to which heroes have value for advancing in the game…

Developing your food is a contradiction to advancement. Anything that contradicts advancement was viewed by the majority as a bad idea.
Play with your food, go ahead!
Or eat it… and advance!


Yea I’m not sure i understand what the purpose would be of this idea

How about just feed the feeders. Trying to make Alfie a superman … for what?

I wonder if the OP is asking for 1* and 2* to give more xp as feeders.

I don’t think that will happen as tournaments are a rather recent development.

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