1.13 release notes / war improvements?

I read the list of news about wars but where are the improvements? Still no change in matchmaking, still no leaderboards, no war logs,a league system…Who needs the war rules? , another stupid addition to give us frustration, and make defense even harder to deal with. Listen to the community and stop making boring and unwanted features to a already bad product.


‘Enemy Boost’ increases the attack power of enemy heroes.
‘Enemy Aid’ heals all enemy heroes.

What is this??? Stronger opponents will be more stronger?
It doesn’t look promising at all…
And some unknown war rules haha


Enemy aid, hahaha… That is really sad. Already defenses have a lot of healers, and healers in this game are so overpowered with so much hp. What are you smoking in your offices devs?

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Looks like a step in the right direction. Need to try it first of course.


Adding rng to the war … so you go in with your strong team have them on the brink and they heal, while the enemy has you in the same position but your team buffs attack … boom dead … unless it is determined ALL follow the same rules ahead of the start and you know what is coming in order to drop a healer for an attacker?

As above … let us see. Could be either interesting or catastrofic.

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Unless they give us the option to choose what “aid” our defense team would get?

I can see different teams benefiting from different aid.

It’s not like that I guess. The rule is the same for both teams. I’m guessing we’ll see a swift from healers to attackers when it comes to Enemy Aid, as you usually take healers relying also on arrows damage to help you defend. If you have an auto-heal then you need is more damage… also depends on the %s that aren’t told.


Okay then I actually think it would be fun.

It is one rule for each war. And shown at prep time which one will be


What I see in the release notes is the word enemy. So the defense of the enemy is buffed. Your attack doesn’t suffer changes. Where is the right direction in this feature?

Not defense, their team is healed by 20% when the bar gets filled. In the other rule their attack get buffed

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Interesting changes to wars.

War Rules can bring variation to the wars. Depending on the war rules you may benefit from a different defense team or different heroes for your attacks. Wars will be more challenging because of the additional support of the enemy team.

Revenge Attack is less harsh. Personally, I liked the harsher version. It was a definite challenge. But in the view of the War Rules, to prevent the difficulty from being overwhelming, I can see this needed toning down.

Interesting changes. Some additional variation added to AW battles instead of just the harsh Revenge Attack sounds like it could open some room for different strategies. That’s a good principle, we’ll see how it works out for real.

We’ll see, we’ll see. But as usual, the winners will be those that adapt the best to whatever changes. Don’t be the dodo, folks.

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I wish the war rules would benefit both sides depending what team has more power, not only defense teams. It would make the outcome of wars less predictable.

Your defense team has the same buffs, so that makes it equal


I really hope so. Because people are cramming defense teams with healers, the heal buff might turn that rule in the most boring battle ever, lol

Lame and unhelpful…

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I get that my defense has the same buff, or maybe another. I am worrying about the attacks… The enemy defense in general don’t need a buff at all in these circumstances, is already overpowered for at least 3 of your attacks, because your hero bench is not at the same level. If this feature affects only defenses will kill the fun even more. I will wait to see it live but if I understand correctly is another failure and step back for wars. And is no room for that, wars are already so bad implemented.

Sounds like an overall good change that addresses most of the requests I’ve seen for AW (except matchmaking). I think having the arrows deal damage based on % HP remaining makes them too weak as it is impossible for them to kill now, but I like the other changes.

Nonhitters at titans are now shown with 0 damage on the scoreboard. That‘s great!

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These war changes seem fun to me. New strategy for each “War Rule”. Variety is the spice of life! I hated getting killed by arrows too, so I welcome that change.