1.12 Update changes AW defense teams to five heroes

All defending teams must have 5 heroes! Guys what do u make of this?

What does your question have to do with the drop rate for 5* heroes? I don’t see the connection


They mean that for Alliance wars you have to put 5 heroes on the team, and not just one!
Nothing related to 5* heroes! You can put 5 heroes of 1* if you want, but it will cost you 20 points

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Oh snap! By bas I read it wrong thanks @Squall

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@rook can you fix the title?

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I was never really affected by the 1-Hero defense (used in appropriate or inappropriate ways), so I’m largely unaffected.

There was a LOT of unhappy discussion about those 1-man defense teams before, though.

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I altered it. Please let me know what you’d like it to say instead. :blush:

Thanks… the initiator of this thread will have to ensure that you got it correct.

@Qwener1 will the title work for you? :slight_smile:

Yes it did @Rook, Thanks much.

Very friendly of the devs to protect clueless players/alliances against doing silly things, like fielding 1 hero defences in AW.

You’d think stupid would weed itself out (this dude named Darwin called it “evolution”), but the devs are smarter than that, and rightfully so. Evolution is a very mighty thing, but eliminating stupid is beyond the grasp of it’s might.

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