1.12 Release Notes


  • Rare Titans added:
    • 5 star and beyond Titans will be occasionally replaced with Rare Titans
    • Rare Titans have unique special attacks as well as an Elemental Barrier
    • Rare Titans have a bonus chance for dropping a specific 4-star ascension material. The bonus chance is affected by how many stars the Rare Titan has.
    • The bonus chance is only available for players who are already part of the alliance when the Rare Titan appears.
  • Titans beyond 10-star difficulty added:
    • Titan difficulty and loot odds now scale to up to 14 stars
    • New Titans can be met on the higher end of difficulty
  • Loot Tickets added:
    • Use Loot Tickets to instantly grab the loot from a previously completed story stage
    • Loot tickets can be gained as loot from certain activities, including Alliance Wars.
    • VIP Pass includes a daily Loot Ticket
  • Balance changes:
    • Guardian Kong: Increased special damage from 200% to 210%
    • Thorne: Increased special damage from 445% to 460%
    • Kadilen: Increased special damage from 160% to 170%
    • Captain Sargasso: Increased special damage from 335% to 345%
    • Leonidas: Increased special damage from 360% to 365% and increased the healing effect from 50% to 75% of damage dealt
    • Domitia: Increased the radius of opponent buff removal from single enemy to a group of enemies
    • Skittleskull: Increased special damage from 175% to 185%
    • Chao: Increased special damage from 305% to 315%
    • Boomer: Increased special damage from 174% to 184%
    • Zeline: Decreased special damage from 153% to 143%
  • Alliance War improvements and changes:
    • All defending teams must have 5 heroes
    • Defeating a full enemy team is always worth at least 20 bonus points
    • Matchmaking is now based on:
      • power of the strongest heroes in hero roster of each player
      • player count of the alliance
  • Challenge Event adjustments:
    • Adjusted how many participants are eligible for lower rank rewards. Lower rank rewards are now given to notably higher amount of participants.
    • Challenge Event tiers renamed to Rare, Epic and Legendary
    • Guinevere, as an Event Boss, has a reduced mana recovery speed
  • Further improvements for iPhone X screen layout
  • Smaller Fixes and Changes:
    • The hero roster cap increases from player level ups are now distributed more evenly
    • Food and iron gains from Raiding are adjusted to also take the opponents trophies into account
    • Battling multiple Titans with different Alliances within a single day reduces the value of any potential loot. This effect, if active, can be seen in the Titan Rewards information dialog
    • Added a new warning in case a player is about to sacrifice a 5-star hero with more than 1 ascension level

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