1.12 - Cup Dropping Punish : Good or Bad?



At silver level roughly 35k ham, 65k iron. Win:Loss ratio around 5:1 without rerolling

At gold level approx 45k ham, 75k iron. Win:Loss ratio drops to about 3:3 without rerolling.

Raid loot tends to be between 5k to 10k for both ham and iron.

I’ll also restate I paid for VIP, so have 2 builders. Once mines are maxed, hard to keep both builders going because of shortfalls.


Here is some incentive for Platinum, both after new updates too:



I wish you luck!


Your raid chest contents do suggest, given your current food and iron storage, that iron rewards are also proportional to storage capacity. (It’s not an overpowering case - I’m only basing this on the difference from my own rewards relative to my own storage capacity.) So I kinda think upgrading your iron storage should continue to be your priority.

The difference between silver and gold rewards seems broadly reasonable, although there may be some noise in your estimates - a 15% iron uptick seems low compared to the 29% food uptick. Your sample size might need to be a bit larger there.

And it seems unlikely that you are receiving the same loot for attacks in silver as for attacks in gold, when we know that loot is now adjusted for the defender’s trophies… unless you are tending to attack up in silver and down in gold, so your targets tend to be in the same trophy range. Have you been noting the trophy totals of your victims? Perhaps you could sample some relatively high trophy loot and compare it to relatively low trophy loot. What we know of the update suggests you might see a difference.


Iron rewards ARE proportional to iron storage, at least for Diamond and Platinum.

Rob R Baron - why is iron a limiting factor - you have 4 mines and a watchtower you can upgrade with ham (you said ham isn’t a problem). So upgrade one of each type (one requiring ham and one with iron), or possibly even 2 ham upgraders while your iron builds. . I did that on my alt with 2 builders never had a problem, even with crafting time stops and nados.


Cup dropping is a legitimate strategy if you’re using the raids for resource building … but if people want to leave 30k resources in their watch tower, aren’t they kind of begging to be hit? Rather than punishing people by limiting the resources they can accumulate, maybe consider rewarding higher trophy counts by something other than having their names on a leaderboard?


Let me start out by saying I appreciate everyone’s direct feedback. If I seem a bit snippy, it’s not aimed at you personally. Annoyed with the raid update and getting over a vicious head cold.

I’m guessing from the posts and some of the pictures (okay, and a little alliance stalking) you guys are maxed out on a fair amount of your bases. For example, Dante2377 your currently defense team is max leveled 5* with all 4* troops boasting a Team Power of 4102. That’s awesome!

I’m about 6 months into playing. I liked the game enough to spend a little money on it. I thought their VIP deal was pretty sweet. 30 Gems a day, extra builder, bonus daily summons (fodder). I Really Liked The 2nd Builder! Part of my grind was raiding in Silver League. Raiding for resources is pretty common in PvP elements of games I’ve played in the past, and I thought they had a really nice balance of limiting it to what was available in the Watchtower.

This 80-90% cut in the raidable loot is a huge kick in the crotch when your trying to build your base. The chest reward issue is really to me moot at this point in my build. That one chest does not compensate for the loss of resources I was capable of earning with 12 raids a day. Figure on an average 5:1 Win-loss ratio, my 10 wins could net me 400-600k in each resource after taking out rerolling.

People can come back with the “back in my day we only had 1 builder, and walked 20 miles up hill to and from school…”. However, I was introduced into VIP 3 months (4?) into my game play. I was power leveling SH to 20, and now they’ve upset the apple cart on what I was paying to do.

Am I going to quit the game? No, I think it’s still fun.

To the title of the thread: Cup Dropping Punish: Good or Bad?

The way they’ve done it has not incentivised me to raise my cups into Gold League, which is about where I can max out at with 1350 (+/-25) trophies. Takes me more time to stay there for a lot less benefit. I’ll continue to grind away on my base, 30 heroes for AW, troops, and battle items. I won’t renew my VIP.


I have the same problem with iron, except my mines are all sitting at 20, and my watchtower is also at 20, with my iron storage at 19. Sitting at maxed ham with farms being at 18. I am at platinum level in the raiding system. My loot at platinum level never has anything that helps me with higher ascensions. It is great that others get awesome loot. My luck is not the same. With the new patch, I honestly don’t see the point in raiding. The rewards, for me, are not there. Since I have no level 80 heroes going into or staying at the diamond level is not an option. I do not plan to renew my VIP once it is up either, but for different reasons. I love the dragon, and the gems are nice that I might have kept it even after I had everything leveled, but I don’t support this new patch, and giving money to support a game that I do not like the direction that it is taking seems counter productive. Before you decide not to do the vip renewal, take into mind that it is not just the second builder you are purchasing. There are a lot of other stuff it offers. 900 gems a month is a really great deal, the dragon that spits fire is a cool little toy, the double summons is neat, and the loot ticket, that many have no clue what to do with it, is also included.

Incentive to stay at platinum: for me, none.
Incentive to cup drop: for me, lose only a tiny bit of resources in the watchtower. Play around testing different teams that aren’t fully leveled testing my in theory this should work ideas.


I used to cup drop for resources, but I find that raiding harder battles is more fun. Now I feel like I can do so without being punished with fewer resources. I haven’t been at lower cup levels to see what the change has been. I just know there’s a lot more rewards in the higher level than before. Maybe it would be nice to explain the changes?

Personally, I do not see cup dropping as an exploit, as I also do not consider farming 8-7 an exploit. It was just the fastest way to get the necessary materials to get stronger. Why is the best rewards in the lower map levels? Increase the recruits/ hero drops in the harder stages to reward more challenging fights. Xp doesn’t matter. Recruits do.

What I’m hearing is that the double builder has made iron more scarce. If the lower cup raids give less iron than before, maybe VIP members can build new structures at half the cost? That way you reward player who spend for that feature (instead of punishing them by not having enough iron to use the double builder). Also, it gives newer players a chance to catch up to the veterans before the base expansion is released. This way, everyone is happy with more iron and ham (assuming they build up their farms and mines). And that’s the main problem: nobody really cares that cup dropping is punished. Everyone just cares that there is not enough ham or iron. Just provide a new way to get that. So make money by forcing all these disgruntled players to buy stuff in game (VIP). And then please spend the money to make the game better.


Earlier this week I posted that the reduced payouts from raiding would actually encourage players to drop cups, since re-roll costs relative to payouts are so high. I haven’t been collecting data so I can’t be sure, but it certainly seems like this is happening. I am finding it harder and harder to find advantageous matchups in the low gold (1200-1400) cup range. There are lots of people in the 3000+ team power range down there now.


Thats where your problem lies far as chest rewards go, your storage. More storage equals better food/iron chest rewards. My base is further along then yours and i ALWAYS keep 2 builders going and most the time its iron/iron building im doing. As you can see from the screenshots 2 buildings that take iron to build and still sit over 1 mill iron and i will be able to start 2 more iron builds to keep the 2 builders going. If your finding iron shortfalls your going about it wrong and need to change your build strategies as some have pointed out on how to accomplish that.


Cthulhu, I feel like Pacino being sucked back in, but I have to say you seem to be making the same sort of mistake several players I think of as “haves” make about the general problem newer players are complaining about.

I am in the game since January 4. My pay-to-play budget is 60USD monthly (vip busted budget that month). My luck at summons has been less than stellar recently, but 7x5* and 32x4* is good for time and money spent.

My problem with the raid nerf was it cut my ham production by 500k per day (20 wins x 25k). This is not insignificant as nine maxed farms put out just over a millions hams in 24 hours. A simple comparison is that is the ham necessary to ascend one hero to the tier leading to 70. This retarded my planned growth significantly.

Others have other problems based on their time in game, money spent and the strategy they chose for how to expand using the 2d builder. It was not everyone that chose to raid, but it seems many did to great affect given the complaints.

If the VIP had not been available, you, Dante , Brobb and others would be right giving advice based on what you did; however, the devs changed the game and, then, changed it again.

Some say it was aiming at fixing cup-dropping and others that it is a way to slow asset growth. Well, if either of those is a true reason, please tell me you see it accomplishing that anywhere above gold level.


I never took advantage of the massive food/iron gains people were getting in the gold range in raids. I have been a MASSIVE cup dropper since i started playing this game and would drop my cups to zero for faster chest fills since i would fill on average 3 raid chests a day. I built my base the slow and steady way, as in i would level ALL my buildings before moving on since im OCD like that. I only recently made TC20 @ level 44 and didn’t rush to TC20 as i suspect most the folks that are having iron/food woes did.

That is by far the worst piece advice someone could give a newer player is rush to TC14/20 as alot of veterans think thats what you need to do to be successful, well im telling you yah don’t and you don’t even need to spend $$ either to be competitive at your respective tier of raids to be successful…slow and steady is the answer to being successful in this game PERIOD!


I will agree tc20 is a bit overhyped, but I do pay.


Devs are going to do what they do… and nerf the game. I played a game years ago that I was near the top of the rankings. When I finally quit I was #2 in the particular world I was in, one of 10. The devs were continually drastically changing strategy and gameplay in an attempt to level out the playing field. What ended up happening is there were so many changes, requiring a complete change in strategy… People quit. The changes didn’t matter much to me, I was so far ahead and what I was doing couldnt really be directly targeted by them… but players in my alliance were very frustrated with all of the changes. Within a year, user levels dropped from millions to handfuls. Worlds were consolidated, and devs were confused. My motto is still the same: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But don’t worry… devs dont listen. They’ll patch this some, and destroy something else.


I don’t even understand the patch frankly. This was with a level 19 watchtower somewhere around 1500 cups with some lackluster defense up.

On the flip side when I raided for curiosity’s sake:

No doubt rewards are reduced but this disparity makes no sense to me… unless the rewards were for chasing higher but when I was rerolling some for giggles didn’t see much variance most targets between 10-20k and nothing like the trivial amount I got hit for with my higher than most people’s watchtower presumably.


Thank you for starting my day with a smile.


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