1.12 - Cup Dropping Punish : Good or Bad?

So now raiding at lower cup ranking means lower resources gained. In a nutshell, they are punishing cup dropping. What do you think about it : are you enjoying this modification or do you think they should roll back to how it was before ?

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I think it is a case of fixing something that isn’t broken. I’ve yet to see any argument that the previous way was bad. It’s going to end up changing the dynamic from ‘I cup drop for the ham’ to ‘I cup drop so I don’t have to empty my watchtower every 2 hours, and now I don’t raid at all’

Unless we’re talking about the advanced players that is. Personally I’m raiding all I can before update then will go to 0 trophies asap. No longer a point to the feature at all. Hero wanted chests don’t give me anything decent even at platinum so f*** it all


It makes second builder totally useless. Which means that I have been ripped off as I bought VIP specifically for second builder and now I can`t use it. If I start to build SH16 for over 1mln iron now, I will be waiting like a week to be able to build some other building. I want my money back.


I can tell you that raiding in Diamond is the worst as those bunch are the stingiest group ever… Platinum was fairly better, low Platinum is where it used to be at… Personally, I don’t mind not cup dropping. I’m cool with it, it will just take me longer from time to time to fill my chest. And I can produce enough food/iron on my own… What I have problem with IS, THEY provided the tools and established the rules early on to allow us to do this. To raid people for their loot. It was part of this whole world building experience. And it even seemed fair to raid others for their loot. It’s an RPG for crying out loud… It served its purpose, and the purpose was to encourage raiding, to engage the user. You nurtured our habits and encouraged us into this behavior, now you scale it back, drastically if I may add. All just to discourage us from cup dropping and/or to encourage us to raid more, as it will now take longer to get all that tasty loot… I don’t get it…


Probably more because of all the griping that people were getting raided all the time. If AW matching doesn’t use trophy numbers then I can’t think of any other reason for this nerf.

I came to terms with it a couple weeks ago and been raiding in Diamond lvl ever since.

Seriously, when developers (not only of this game) decide that there’s only one way to play their game, it slowly become less fun.

Yeah, more content, but we are less players and more numbers.


It’s an excellent idea to discourage cup dropping. Some of the most common complaints from early and mid game players were that they were consistently being thrashed in raids by teams much stronger than them. This was caused in large part by players dropping cups to match up against weak victims. It made those victims unhappy and undermined the integrity of trophies as a ranking system. I think It would be good to eliminate this.

Will the update achieve this? I’m not sure. Based on the comments above, it sounds like it might. Let’s see.


The thought that early and mid game players would like to gain resources from raiding didn’t seem to cross your mind.


Good, Bad, Successful, or Unsuccessful, this sort of change to make cup dropping less common and less effective is exactly the best thing that Small Giant can do for the game, at least from their perspective.

Cup dropping is a way of a player manipulating game rules/game mechanics to take advantage for themselves, easy raids for more food/iron and faster filling of hero chests…and the expense of being frustrating for lower level players that lose out on those same resources.

I’m pretty confident in saying that this isn’t what SG was aiming for when they made the raiding / ranking system in the first place, and feel safe that their intent was more of a way to measure/reward top players.

So I’d expect them to make changes that reward players for using the system for their goals, not against them, and especially not in a way that pisses off the players they use it against.

Same as single hero AW teams. It makes war less enjoyable to go against it, whether it improves your chances or hurts them!


My two cents: cup droppers havent been an issue since I have started to manage staying in the diamond tier/upper platinum consistently. I never seem to need to raid for the resources. Using the vip pass, i focused primarily on upgrading resource generation first. My farms are maxed, my mines nearly maxed, my TCs run at 11,11,11,20 (and sometimes I will kill my backpack collection).

I typically use the 30 gems per day to take recharge my daily chests.

When cup droppers were a problem, they werent really that big of a deal. My rules for a raid are simple; never take on a team that gives fewer cups than you lose. If i take on a team that has 5 heroes that are 4/80, i might lose with a bad board, i might win… its a gamble…So i bet low with a high return to minimize possible losses. In the upper tiers, you can run into the SAME EXACT defense teams with extremely different cup returns…just play smart.

As for balancing it based on team power, thats impossible to implement. My defense team is an entirely different lineup than my raid team…mostly because i dont have a raid team… i tailor it to each team i take on based on thier lineup and placement.

So, if it based on defense team power, just beat that system by putting up a terrible defense…

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Is this punishing cup dropping, or is it rewarding those play the system as E&P intended?? Perspective.


I am absolutely for fighting the cup-dropping. Always have been, I think it invalidates ratings and skews the entire playing field. Not to mention it does feel crappy for weaker players when they want to go revenge and see some ridiculous team had smushed them. It’s cheap.

That being said, I do think there could be more fun ways to handle them. Instead of stunting progress of the early-game players, rewarding those that keep higher cups would just be an all around more pleasant solution.

For instance, there could be rewards for filling 5 of each chest. Something actually worthwhile. A troop token for 5 platinums, a golden token for 5 diamonds, training heroes, bonus resources, stuff like that. a guaranteed incentive that would devalue the cup dropping strategy but allow the weaker players to keep grinding their hams in peace and building up their strongholds at a reasonable pace before they can/want to join the race.

Let’s face it - the Diamond chest rewards are very often exactly as crappy as chests below. I don’t even really check if I’m at 2400 or not before opening cause it just doesn’t matter.

Make it matter and the cup dropping will cease.


Very happy with the change :slight_smile: cup dropping is a way to take advantage of lower lever players and I don’t mind at all that devs do their best to courage people to play by the rules.

What comes to weaker players, I’ve always felt like it’s just part of the game to gather resources slowly but steadily. You have to play smart, you have to wait a little and I’ve always done just fine raiding cups not resources in mind.

I understand it’s upsetting for some that a) you lose some of your resources and b) have to play with others, not using others but the first is easily solved by leveling buildings (and the second, sorry I don’t mind their upset lol).

This! But with 20 chars.


Yes! My primary reason for cup dropping is NOT for food. I do it because I know it’s just a numbers game to get good stuff (epic tokens, ascension materials, flasks). Why would I aim for high cups if I know my win rate will be 50-60% vs hovering in platinum for a 90+% win rate? Cup dropping allows me to easily fill 3-4 platinum chests per day vs 2 diamonds (best case scenario). I highly doubt the diamond rewards are 50% better than platinum, so I drop cups. However some sort of guaranteed reward system would probably make me stop cup dropping. I was thinking maybe winning raids at higher cup levels could trigger an elemental chest sooner somehow?

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I think the devs just gotta bite the bullet on this one and shove the “always RNG 100% RNG” into the pocket here.

Guarantee something tasty for better raid chests and this whole issue goes away. There are a bunch of things that can be guaranteed without upsetting the balance.

  • troop/epic tokens
  • battle items
  • trainer heroes
  • large amounts of food/iron that are SIGNIFICANTLY better than lower tier chests (but not JUST this, many cup-droppers care about chest contents, not hams, much less iron)

You’re right: I would characterise that as a secondary concern. I think this is particularly so because the best way for early and mid game players to gain resources from raiding was to become cup droppers themselves. This, I think, should be discouraged.

I see two problems with this modification :

  1. It is implemented the bad way. They changed something everyone was used to, from the beginning of the game. It’s like removing a toy without notice. This is called a ninja-nerf, and this is the worst possible way for a dev to change something without alienate the community

  2. There is no real counterpart. Why do people were even cup dropping ? Because farming cups meant nothing and rewards were meaningless. And let’s face it, it’s still true after this update. Changing something huge overnight that players were used to can be done, as long as you favor something else on the other side so these players do not feel cheated. And right now, we do.

What suggested Ellilea would be a good example to promote cup farming.


When I original read that food/iron was based of cups, I thought they would give extra for high cups not reduce it for low cups. This is just sad. They really need to stop punishing us for playing however we want. Instead they need to reward us for playing it the way they want.


Like some of you, ,I simply see this as a way to remove an incentive to purposely misplay the game due to poor initial game design. Come on guys. They are trophies. You should want to win them. If the game is flawed (and it has been) such that losing trophies is good, that needs to be fixed.

If the game had been like this when you started playing you’d think “gee, cant wait to win enough trophies to get better food/iron from my raids”. You would build the best defense you could. You would have to make hard choices between leveling good attack heroes Vs. good defenders. Those that are decent at both would become good compromise heroes. This is why these heroes were designed this way. The flaw has prevented them from working as designed.

Since they changed the game for everyone, there’s no fairness problem. The only way SG might be ‘cheating us’ is that it may take marginally longer for us to upgrade our heroes. I highly doubt anyone will start buying ham or iron with gems to make up the difference, so it’s not a direct cash grab. It is a way to protect the long term viability of the income of the game by ensuring that progression is maintained at the rate SG has projected it would. (This is the same reasoning that IMO completely justifies the merc nerf.)

So, the rules of the game have changed. Time to level up those Riposte heroes, healers and tanks. Better get your trophies up. Who knows, you might even have fun!


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