1.10 Feedback & Discussion

Let’s continue the discussion here now that the update has been rolled out to everyone.

Release notes:


Nice work. But you forgot to fix Thorne!


Very nice update, really appreciate it. A separate thanks for the second builder :wink:

The second builder does not benefit me at all. I do like the additional teams though. I think the raid situation will sort itself out after a week or so when all of the people who dropped trophies to raid for resources filter through to their proper level of competition.

Fun. Only issue I’ve had so far is the inconsistent team reset to Team 1 during raiding. I think it needs more team designations similar to the assigned Defense role, for Titans, Map, and Raiding to take full advantage of the welcome new team slots.
It’s nice to see the cup dropping arguments addressed by giving incentive to keep trophies high rather than penalizing those who keep them low as some posters have suggested. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Hopefully there will be more new missions besides the new avatar rewards.


That has been funny a few times for me and I’ve managed to win a few of those battles.

So if your 30 day pass runs out and you forget to renew it before it does will the 2nd builder pack up his tools and go home leaving his building unfinished or will he continue and finish the building he is working on before disappearing??


Good question! Maybe that building freezes until the first builder can attend to it? (I don’t know.) :wink:


@petri I was wondering the same thing. What happens if VIP runs out and the 2nd builder is active?

Love the update, only making exception to the issue @Paulon mentioned above.

  1. VIP is awesome idea
  2. Cups at least matter a bit now
  3. More team slots was badly needed
  4. I can actually take out Guinevere in raids now!

Thanks for adding so many things we’ve all been squalling about!

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Was a little disappointed to see that the first mission for completing the 75 raids at silver or above, the avatar was Renfeld, yet another male avatars to add more unbalanced between male vs female avatars. I am hoping that the next one after that is a female avatar. Other than that, I am having a lot of fun with this update.:blush: The dragon is awesome, raid mechanics seem more challenging, and the pictures for the heroes are a lot of fun, I like the sparkle affect from running the finger across the screen. I can’t wait to see how the events change. :blush:


Unfortunately, this latest forced update kills the game for me and effectively forces me to say goodbye after over 10 months of playing. Ironically, I can’t even finish logging in now, to say goodbye and leave my guild gracefully.
Ah well, it was nice while it lasted…

What about the update forced your hand? There didn’t appear to be anything that outrageously wrong that happened.

When I went to the google play update d/l link, it said this software may not be compatible with my system, but I tried it anyway. The “update” is so large that I would have to delete 2 other active games on my tablet just to d/l it, with no guarantee it will even run on my device once installed. I haven’t deleted Empires yet, and will wait a couple of weeks to do so, in the hopes they decide to make this update optional. If not, it’s hasta la bye-bye for me.

the entire empires app on an iphone is 211 MB. If that’s something that can’t fit on your tablet, that’s more of “you need to cleanup your storage” situation than anything wrong with the app itself. 211MB for an app in 2018 is not a large amount of storage.

EDIT: they also can’t allow people to sit up-updated as the difference in heroes would be staggering. No one would have updated past 1.8 to 1.9 when they adjusted the damage formula for defense at high debuff %

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It kind of sounds like you were ready to go either way. I mean, that’s kind of like saying you had to quit your job because those darn cars scare your horse and you can’t ride it to work anymore. Progress y’know. Keep up. I guess there are other games. I just haven’t found one that I like more than this one.


The next one ist Friar Tuck in gold Arena.

That makes me sad :cry:

Whee I love the update!

VIP is nice, the new raid ranks are nice - that diamond sure looks pretty! - and most of all, I just LOVE the 5 teams!

I use different teams for farming different levels - and it is so lovely to just switch to a different team when going from e.g. 20.4 on autoplay to e.g. 5.8 to use up the remaining world energy flags. Instead of having to change the farming team by removing and re-adding heroes. Wonderful change! Thank you!

I use one of the 5 slots to tie up my backup troops so I don’t accidentally consume them when levelling my main troops up. (They really do need a favourite flag for troops as well. :roll_eyes:)


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