⚔ [09 Aug, 2020] - 68th Raid Tournament - 4* Buff Booster, All Elements

OK, since I’m so torn on this one, and my first option was only Purple & Yellow, and the second duplicated Yellow (2x Li Xiu on the flanks), I thought I’d take a shot at a rainbow option and utilizing two healers with the theory that this team will live a long time and be super-buffed to whittle the enemy to death.


Boldtusk’s relatively small direct heal is complemented by cMelendor’s HoT; then Tibs hitse everyone and knocks their defense down, cLi Xiu hits harder as a result and takes a bit of mana away, and ultimately Triton ought to be ridiculously buffed when he fires off his mini-nuke. :wink:

I’m not a fan of two healers on a team, but my track record on 4* Buff Booster is pretty terrible, the only time I had Grade A was in a No-Yellow when I used cRigard+19 at tank. The last time we had this same tournament, I got Grade B by using Boldtusk in the middle, so let’s just try that again. (Since that time, I’ve stripped emblems from three of the support heroes that got me that Grade B though… Triton, Li Xiu, and Caedmon.)

Good gaming!


@Randy, Brynhild+19 is a beast. I have noticed many who use green tanks in wars and don’t have a decent 5* option have used her instead. Her stats are up to Boldtusk’s hefty stats, but they’re ok.

These 3 are my only emblemed 4 stars. Rainbow may be better but want to you use mist and bryn.


@rho: Perfect. :sunglasses:

Lemmy seems to be tanky:


Will Wilbur be a good tank? And I don’t have a place for Buddy or Ceadmon?


Honestly the first time I ever used him was in this class trials just gone.
I’m not a MASSIVE fan of the costume version over normal version… I write more about it here: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?

I went with costume over normal cause of the extra buffs to the wings rather than for the counter attack.

Kinda what I was going for… All members give buffs &/or healing… as I said tho, no idea if it’ll work or if it’ll do anything good… I suck at predicting/ working out Buff Booster defences for 4* tournaments… 3* and 5* am better at but just can’t seem to work out the 4* ones lol


I’ve been back and forth between Wilbur and Boril for the right flank role next to Brynhild +19 tanking. Boril has costume bonus so tanky… You’ve put the cat back amongst the pigeons…sigh.

Triton +19 / Rigard-C +19 / Brynhild +19 / Wilbur / Mist +18

Proteus +20 is also an option for right flank but when I’ve had him in the team the rating has been low (rush attack and buff booster both) but he’s never been next to Bryhild so maybe…

Personally I would tank with Brynhild, she will speed up the flanks and heal quickly. She’ll get Shadreave to average once she fires and at +18 she should be durable and will help keep Sabina alive which is always a struggle even with emblems.

The main reason is to get the +24% mana boost as soon as possible. Non-dispellable buffs helps too.


Help I can’t decide! (Pretty sure I want to go with tusk tank as my only other emblemed red option is +18 Kelile - solid sniper but tusk w/ costume bonus +18 is just so tanky, also pretty sure i want costume mel as he gives 2 buffs and debuffs. What I can’t decide is order and can’t decide between costume li, grimm and mist all +18)

Which one looks scarier?


This is gonna be my team I’ve been wondering if Gato +19 would fit better than Kashrek in order to prevent Danza Mana debuff but that would mean too much blues. (The only other 4* I have are 3.60 Cyprian and unlevelled Skitt and Kiril dupe)

I hope Kash protects nice Grimm


I’d go the 3rd team but may consider tank with mist. If she fires attacker is screwed

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Final draft: none of the above :laughing:


Looking around at all of the creative and unique team combinations in here is really cool. It’s great to see how much variety there is.
This is my first instinct team. Of course I’m already 2nd guessing myself as I write this post…
I like © kashhrek at the tank spot for 2 reasons- 1. His def/HP at this level is that of most 5s, so it’s about surviving. 2. He has a strong buff with the +def red, and he could potentially help my flanks survive longer with the boost max HP.
My biggest concern is always position position position (Do I have my guys in the right spots). Additionally, I ask myself do I have enough fire power?.
Looking at my bench options I have this to pick from-

Am I taking a big risk by going with a team to try to prevent buffs vs. a team with a debuffer on it?!?!?
I think we’ll find out soon.


Changed my mind a bit:

Triton out, sonya in for double dispell. Rigard out (his buffs overlap with BT and mel), and c-tibertus in for more damage and debuff.


5-0 for day 1 attack.
One match was very easy it had 4 healers and one hitter. Who was the hitter? Danzaburo lol.


First day


My teams on attack mostly a 3-2 . I always bring at least a buffer and if i can a dispeler.

Teams used.

Scarlett - C.Rigs-Lancelot- C.Tiburtus- Proteus.
Mist- Li xiu- Gretel- C.Melendor and Hansel
Scarlett- Boldtusk- Lancelot- C.Melendor- Hansel
C.rigard- Proteus-Sonya- C.tiburtus- Grimm

I hope to have the same luck tomorrow. Boards were not perfect today, i got one or two bad openings but then it got better . There are sometimes that the board is so rigid you cannot overcome it but it happens most than anything going mono color. So its better to run a 3/2 line up .

On defense i only was attacked once and i won . So for now A . It will change im sure.

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Should have, would have, could have! I guess I “should have” added another healer/dispeller to my defensive team! Initial results are not what I was expecting thus far this morning. All the teams my defense has faced are all +100 emblemed teams! Ouch! :triumph::exploding_head::scream::wink:


Ouch. :see_no_evil:
But isn’t it funny how you face those teams after first or second attack when you’re attacker, but at the same time, those teams attacking you? :thinking:
Where are those weaker teams crushing at our defences?! :joy:
I can’t complain though, my defence won the only battle so far. 4-1 in offence, not too bad.

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Day 1 pretty uneventful: lots of long dragged out battles but no incredibly scary teams yet - note to self: team of all buffers is easily countered by an offensive team with a few debuffers :stuck_out_tongue:

Defense is barely holding onto an A :grimacing: hope it stays that way :laughing:


Day 1 - After a very rough start to the day where my defense went 0-2 against two +100 teams, my team did a 180 degree about-face! I went 5-0 attacking and 3-2 defending (A-rated defense). Not too bad! Like @Itty said, all battles were very long and drawn out. Everybody had two or more healers/buffers in their line up lacking any real bunch in return. We will have to see if this will be the norm for the rest of the week. Good luck all! :wink: