⚔ [08th May, 2022] - 159th Raid Tournament - 4* Rush Attack, All Elements

Day 4

Go with same tactic. I think 6 tile healer is key (CB Melendor , C Kiril , CB Sabina , C Boldtusk). You should use at least 2 of them in every attack.

The board is average to good today. Face Ferant tank with pig and Franz flank in first attack. The board is good and win. Then face Li Xiu tank in second attack. The board is good again and win. After that I face, all S1 3+ healer team in the last 3 attacks. The board is average but the defense teams aren’t strong, so no problem :slightly_smiling_face:

I just realize that I never face Franz tank. Only face him at flank. I think I am lucky on that :smile:

D : 62.5% (30+)

Up to A :slightly_smiling_face:


Well. Tuesday was frustrating so I haven’t updated since then, but now is as good a time as any.

Raw numbers:
O: 14-6
D: 1-2

Start with defense. I got attacked twice early on day 1 - a win and a loss. Zero attacks Tuesday. 2nd loss Wednesday. So far none Thursday. I was hoping for a bit more data to figure out if I like Gramps on D or not :frowning_face:

Offense. :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: On Tuesday I started with 2 losses, both killing 4/5 heroes. Won match 3 and picked up loss 4 for the week on match 4. It was a Gully tank, and I think I would have lost to him without any other heroes on the team. Just constantly hitting me with that AOE. I swore it went off after one turn twice without a dispel. So I rage-bought-back-in, and won match 5, thankfully. [Side note - I also got my butt kicked in normal raids that day. Took my 5 tourney flags and 10 raid flags to fill my hero chest :sob: ]

Weds/Thursday much better, 4-1 both days. Lost to another Gully - but at least I did finally pull him, so I’ll be able to dish out later. Lost today to Li Xiu tank … just one stray tile charging her as I charged my purples, and the match was lost.

Hope to go 4-1 tomorrow to end with less than 8 losses - would be good considering losing 3/5 on Tuesday :rofl:


My alt finished with a 20-4 record (4-1, 3-2, 5-0, 5-0, 3-1) Defense has been As (9-5) and currently in top 500 so won’t be needing a buyback

Hope my main will have the same luck


And my main had another 4-1 day to finish 20-5. Same 3-1-1 I’ve been using the whole week. Faced a Ferant tank and a couple of cBoril tanks but boards were good enough that CB Melendor was ready to dispel them.

The one loss was against an Anastasia tank. Franz was in the flank so brought a Red stack including cGormek to kill her minions. She lasted long enough to cast her fiends instead :joy: Another zero. I really should start working on a Dark stack for 4* Rush…

Defense has remained 3-1 and currently ranked in the 4000s. Just might be enough to stay in the top 1%

Good luck with your last attacks and with the loot tomorrow :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover:


Day 5

O : 3-2 (22-3)

Go with same tactic. After 3 days of good board, today is a bad board day. And I finally face Franz tank ……twice :joy:

Lose against this team in 3rd attack

Go with C Kiril - Cillian - CB Rigard - CB Sabina - Proteus. The board is full of yellow, blue and green with some red. Enemy Franz fire 3 times and enemy Frank and Aodhan fire once but I manage to survive with C Kiril. Then some purple come and I kill Franz. But I get in to a problem. After receive many skill, my heroes are at about 450 he left with Frank and Franz ailment. Enemy Li Xiu about to fire in the next turn. She manage to resist my Kiril lower attack. There are 3 purple under her but they are 1 tile separate from be able to move :joy:. So, Li Xiu fire and kill 3 of my heroes. I kill her in the next turn and that is the end :joy:

Lose against this team in 5th attack

This is one of the best defense. Go with same team as 3rd attack, C Kiril - Cillian - CB Rigard - CB Sabina - Proteus and the board is full of yellow and green again :joy:. Enemy Franz and right Gullinbursti fire. I charge my purple and heal, cleanse, dispell and stop the 3 center enemy. Then enemy Wilbur fire. I didn’t pay attention at him since Wilbur at wing isn’t dangerous but this time is different. His share damage simply make me unable to kill Franz tank he has only about 200 he left :joy:. And then the board dry up. Both enemy Gullinbursti heal Franz back to full hp. None of my heroes can fire after that until my heroes die from damage from x2 Gullinbursti buff with Franz ailment. So,



All other attack also have pretty bad board. They are full of color that I don’t use at start.

Rank about 2600 for now, so guarantee top 1% :slightly_smiling_face:

D : 60.4% (30+)


Same here! I really thought I had the battle that I lost against in my name, but Gullin survived 2 times with probably like 50 hp, now I looked at what troops he had and it had level 20 defensive troops, so those helped him to survive enough…

So offense 20-5.
Defense 6-1, A through the whole tournament.
Total points 17844, currently at place #2235, so it’s save to say I will stay in top 1%.


I finished 21-4, but had only 4 attacks against my defense to finish 2-2 leaving my score at 16149 and outside the top 1%. The randomness of who attacks a defense can really throw a curveball!


I had such an incredible week. Only two losses. I know I owe most of it to a fortunate board - since it´s Rush - but still. It just hurts my defense has only been attacked twice in total - on Monday, and not once since, and it lost both times. So I´m at 5 %. Oh, well, these things happen. But…So close. :sob:

I just sometimes wish there was some kind of build in feature that could ensure, that our defense would be attacked, say, ten times or something.

Have a nice weekend all :hugs:


Did manage to stay in top 1% after all

Golden tokens and Reset Emblem. But my alt won the personal duel this week :grin:

See you all next week!


O : 22-3
D : 7-2 (A-A-A-A-A)

D. Team :

Happy with the 2 golden tokens and the 100 wizard emblems :smiley:


Managed to hang in top10; defense helped with all A: attacked once on day 1, and won…


Sadly no top 100 again lol… I was able to make it to top 100 twice ever, I believe it was both times back in 2019, so long time ago. Since then, I can’t do it :/.

Points/rank :

Rank : 908

Defense :

And no, I don’t have Gullin. It feels like a crime if you do own one and he isn’t in rush 4* defense team Lol.

Offense Results : 22-3 (5-0, 5-0, 4-1, 5-0, 3-2)

Teams I Lost Against :

Kind of shocked that I lost against this one, main problem here was obviously tank, but Chao literally kept sniping both of my healers, yes always just healers, when Franz’ and Rigard’s buff/debuffs where active at the same time, resulting in big damage from Chao and death of both healers. Front healers just kept healing and I couldn’t do much there. I realized too late that weirdly enough that after Franz, Chao was the main threat here LoL. Rokk missed almost all the time he fired, he didn’t do much.

Well, as my 4* yellow roster is awful and really bad for rush, I decided to go with C Bold, C Colen, Ferant, Franz, CB Rigard team. Tree fired when he had like 50 hp left, then Gulli fired, healed Tree, Tree fired second time with 50 hp left again(!), I was able to heal my heroes with Rig, but what happened then? Gulli’s buff went off, and Grimm, Junaid and Marcel fired during same turn and every hero of mine turned out very DEAD.

Don’t remember what team I used here, I think it was CB Rigard, Proteus, CB Tibs, Franz, Kiril. Main threat is the left side with Frank and Franz. But I concentrated on wrong side with Proteus, I decided to stop mana on the right side, CB Rigard also resisted it, so it wasn’t good… you can guess what happened after. Frank and Franz annihilated my whole team. If I took double Proteus, this team would have been easier to win against.

Defense Results : 8-1 (A,A,A,A,A)

Loot :
Reset emblem worth noting. then bunch of aethers, no gold token and least needed emblems. Fairly average loot.


Top 5% with another buy back in.
O: 18-7
D: 6-0 (AAAAA)

Typical loot:


Have to admit I almost broke my phone Friday night after my last battle. Completely wiped out an opponent on battle 24, then somehow faced the same team on battle 25. Should be another easy win, right?! Nope. My only 0 the entire week. Lost in less than a minute.

Good luck next week. Not going to be a fun one for me.


So painful only getting attacked twice on Monday, which was a loss both times, and then, to only loose on attack two times, feeling so great about that - but then it all results in such awful loot, it´s not even worth posting! (That was a long sentence :sweat_smile:) Anyway, 50 emblems and silver tokens here - onwards to next week :pray:


Friday I went 5-0! Makes up for my 3-2 Tuesday (mostly). The teams I faced on Friday were pretty easy. 3 teams were all s1/s1 costumes. And half of the heroes from the other 2 teams also. 2 Skittleskull tanks. I feel like I found my groove offensively with c Rigard/Treevil/Franz/2 against tank.

One of the main things I wanted from this tourney was to test if Gramps was good for 4* rush (and maybe 5*), but unfortunately I was attacked twice in the first 6 hours of the tournament (1-1) and once on Wednesday (a loss) and that was it. Can’t draw any conclusions from that. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Got 50 emblems from loot, but nothing else worth mentioning.

Top 5% , 19-6, B/B/D/D/D


3 teams tied for the 10th spot so we have the defenses of the top 12 finishers this week


I forget to post the reward :sweat_smile: