⚔ [08 Aug 2022] - 172th Raid Tournament - 3* Rush Attack, No Holy/ Yellow

When in Rome, do as the Treevils do.

My right wing Treevils will of course be leveled and emblemed and broken by this evening.

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Second draft …

Or buchan could replace

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faiez to counter treevil then joukahainen to counter faiez…… wow this tourney will be brutal

Just limit broke Bauchan for this tournament.

Not sure when I’ll have him fully leveled though.
I was debating using Joukahainen instead for the dispel. But I like mana cut. And not sure I want to remove double Noril wing.

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Three trees or this?

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Which team would you choose?

  • Waqas
  • Sudri
  • Bauchan

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If I were you I would switch Faiez and Waqas :slight_smile:

so… more like this?


Faiez is 1 1/2 Helos, do you need him? maybe something more with damage,

don’t get me wrong, that corner Viv/Rigard has ruined my day in 4/5 star rush more than once, just when i thought i had nailed it.

At first I was thinking going with this, but then I noticed Sudri here in some defenses, I had totally forgot about him.

So I think I’m going with this then; could also swap Gramps into Noril. Oh and I need to change the better troop for Maeve.

Faiez - Groot - Groot - cOberon - Waqas

I want to try out Waqas, but I don’t know if he is worth the limit break for defense. However, Sudri is stating his case that he should be on defense instead.

Maybe… But Treevil isn’t Alfrike (mindless attack), so Helo gives me a chance to survive if enemy Treevil schoots first (and this is his maine task - not healing)
…but thanks to you I checked the old defense:

You don’t even know how much you helped me :slight_smile:
(and in Rush I always use two healers - that really works)


I will trust this team:


Yeah, looks good for me :slight_smile:


Let’s get ready for dozens of Treevil every match

I’m going that one too. Some other time I’ll try Faiez on rush tourney as tank.

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Gonna roll with this one

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Ha! Me too. This is probably What I’ll go with:

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I really liked how well Faiez and Waqas did together in the last rush 3*, so they’re back for this one: