⚔ [06th Aug, 2023] - 224th Raid Tournament - 5* Buff Booster, No Holy/ Yellow

Sorry to hear about your back luck @Roland56 and @notyou87 :confused: I had what I can only consider pity RNG and somehow went 5-0 today to live another day. 12-3 on offense with a defense too sad to mention :flushed: If I’m not knocked out tomorrow I’m buying a lottery ticket!


Stopped using Shrubbear today, though it’s more because I had to use either Xiaotu (against Phorcys and Cao Cao) or Lord Loki (against passive but buffy Belladonna and Hawthorn tanks) as the 1 in my 4-1 attack.

Boards were terrific today. Even the one bad starting board of the day quickly turned on a cascade of Purple tiles.

In the first 4 matches, neither Xiaotu or Lord Loki needed to use their SS for me to win.

Faced a fully LB2 Waterpipe - Phenexa - c2Elkanen - Diaochan - Viselus team in the last match and a chance to use my Red team of Grazul - Ruby - El Duque - Xiaotu - Khonshu instead. Got a Red diamond in the first move and another easy win.

Defense has dropped 4 in a row to go from B to D (5-9). Offense will need to keep scoring points. However, the last 2 teams today were over 5900 TP. I dread to think what tomorrow might bring :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 4-1 3-3 (B) 3,265 650 3,915
2 8-2 5-8 (D) 7,288 400 7,688
3 13-2 5-9 (D) 11,775 11,775

Good luck everyone still in this!


It’s fine… Oh this tourney day really pissed me off when I was posting my results. I never had this happen before, ever. 3 flags in a row literally 0% chance of winning. I seem to get the worst of the worst in 5* buff booster tournaments too, I remember going 10-8 in one of them once with using continue. Haven’t even finished day 4 of the tourney with using 1 continue.
You would think bloody battle and rush are harder 5* tournaments, for me it’s buff booster.

I also had one that was also buff booster one and started 3-2 on day 1 against easy defs and I literally didn’t play afterwards, gave 2 free wins to someone on day 2, that’s how I didn’t care.

Something just always has to go wrong for me in 5* tourneys. I had 1 tourney offense 21-4 not long ago but def was just E. This time I have a good def, but horrible boards screw me over.

Def continues being A at 7-4, still not going to continue, don’t have gems anyway.


Day 3
2-3 and I’m out… :frowning:
The best comment for today may be this picture:

Good luck everyone!


All the good board luck ended today with 3 losses. Other than the first defense with a middle 3 of Aramis - Oniwakamaru - Phorcys, the other 2 weren’t super hard, but when the tiles don’t come your way :person_shrugging: At least they weren’t zero point losses.

Defense closer to E than C at 6-12, but bought back in anyway since I was filling my Raid chest. Hopefully a good last day and top 5% is still reachable.

Day Offense Defense Score Def Score Total
1 4-1 3-3 (B) 3,265 650 3,915
2 8-2 5-8 (D) 7,288 400 7,688
3 13-2 6-11 (D) 11,775 400 12,175
4 15-5 6-12 (D) 14,396 14,396

Better luck everyone!


2 losses on the last day to finish 18-7 for the tournament. First loss was against a LB2 Ludwig flanked by Hawthorn and Waterpipe. Killed the middle 3 but just couldn’t find the tiles to finish off the Bastet and Barkley, cat and dog wings. One of those times where a healer in my attack team would have helped.

The other loss was a c2Obakan special. He just kept reviving until the rest of his team charged :rofl:

Currently in top 1% but won’t stay there with a D (6-13) defense.

Good luck with the loot tomorrow :four_leaf_clover: :crossed_fingers:


So I spent the week running ccLianna-Augustus-ccMagni-Lord Loki-2LB double bonus Grimm. The boards were fairly kind to me so I survived the week at 22-3. Defense was solid E’s, but I’m in the top 1% now.

I may need to make Loki my first 2LB 5 star. He’s so much fun.


Making a return to tourney threads to vent.

I was soooooo mad/frustrated on day 2 with my first three boards. I was 5-0 day one with same attacking team on all flags. Those first three on day 2 were sooo bad, lack of tiles (using 2-1-1-1), combos at bad times, my heroes killed with full mana, everything bad with rng.

After calming down and not breaking my phone, I figured I must have been lucky day 1 with the 5-0. But won my last 2 that day to stay in. Then won my last 15 attacks as well.

In the end, it makes my frustration justified, I think. If my team won 17 attacks in a row, it really must have been bad luck on those 3 attacks.

My attack team for whoever may be interested

Anyways, thanks for listening to my mini-rant!


Day 1-5

O : 22-3 (5-0, 4-1, 3-2, 5-0, 5-0)

Go with mostly C Ariel - Ludwig - Phthonus - Lord Loki - CB RIgard or C/CB Sabina in all attack. I luckily get pretty good board and make it to the last attack without buy back.

D : 3-7 (E,D,D,D,D)

I go with this defense.

It don’t work well. I think I should put replace C2 Obakan with Phthonus.

Result :

1 EHT, 3 small aether and 1 large aether. Better than average by overall :slightly_smiling_face:.


Final results:
O: 20-5
D: 3-4 E/E/E/C/C

The loot: emblems are good, but nothing more :confused:


Final results
Attack: 18-7 (44523)
Defense: 8-13 (BDDDD)
Score: 18,240
Ranking: 11,939 (Top 5%)

After a good first 3 days, stumbled to a 5-5 record to end the tournament. Beating 5500+TP opponents are the flip of a coin. Still an improvement over the 13-8 record the last time this tournament ran.

Defense started brightly as well and faded as well :sweat_smile:

And the drought of good loot continues…

A break from 5* tournaments next week, but it’s a 4* Rush (Previous record 12-8). At least there’s no restriction on Gullin killers…


And that’s my top5% loot :rofl:


Compared with 25% and 50% loot from my other accs :rofl: - looks similar but more aethers here and didn’t waste 75 gems :rofl:




My 5* tourney curse continues, but it changed sides this time. Def was A,A,B,A,A. Mostly hovering at 60-65%, fell down to 55%-59.9% 2 or 3 times total.

Third day of horrible boards resulting in 0-3 after going strong 9-1, decided not to bother.

Ended Top 25% 2 small aethers is the ‘highlight’.


no eather at all with 1%


I don’t know why such strange things happened on Wednesday, but it was the same for me:

The boards did not want to cooperate in any way and gave me three defeats in a row even though later I beat much better teams

My 5th loss was only in the last fight where I had to face enemies with much higher TP (my max TP in this tournament is 5.1k, but I usually use teams with 4.8-4.9k power).


Yeah, it often does happen on day 3 for me as well, if I at least went 2-3 I might have given this tourney a chance, but 0-3, nope.

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Defenses of the top 10 finishers