⚔ [05th Sep, 2021] - 124th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, No Fire/Red

Thanks you two :grin:

Was really surprised that it worked so well this week.

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Well… Today was a “no-yellows” day… 0-3. However, far enough into top1 to still finish top1.

First match I killed the alfrike tank 3 times, only to have her revive, again and again and again… BFZ.

Second match also slow start, by the time I get matches I’m down to 2 heroes…

Third match was the worst. Not a single yellow match, alfrike tank who fires every turn…

Defense at 7-2, so another A is to be expected



22-3 on offense, third week in a row i’ve not had to buy back in after a miserable three-week stretch prior.

E defense all week. current rank 13322, top 5%. expecting to finish top 5%.

Rush Attack strategy matchup results:

3-2 vs. double resurrection
7-2 vs. Alfrike
1-2 vs. Alfrike in the tank position
1-0 vs. Lady of the Lake
4-1 vs. C. Kadilen


So, when I see 5* star very fast I was ready to be on the bottom 50%.

I set my Defence team without any expectation. This is the team:

and i dont believe what happened - 14:3
looks like the Professor is very bad ***, so Iam very happy to pulled her like F2P :wink:

My att team is this one. I use 2 average and 2 fast heroes because of lack of other options. And I ended with 19:6 which will be enough for top 1%.

My mvp without no doubts is the Professor :wink:

Good luck with the loot :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Lidenbrock is definetly the best healer in the game even more so during rush. She is capable to keep your whole team alive on her own and under the right circumstances her buff will never run out until you reach max HP.

She also was MVP for me this tournement lost 1 fight this week but on those 24 others i did not lose a single hero, thats consistancy.

100 emblems though no Wizard to use them on at the moment and an ETT. No Aether 3…

See you guys next tournament whatever that may be!


At least a hero token, the rest :crazy_face:



O : 19-4
D : E-D-C-C-D


Monk emblems are precious :wink:


5* VF tourneys are absolutely not worth it.
All the effort in getting through those MN Liden Alfrike teams, top 5, and the only good thing i received were 50 monk emblems :neutral_face:

Looked at the top 24. That’s the players with guaranteed A deff the whole week.

Only 2 without Alfrike.
Only 5 without revivers.

And I found at least 3 gramps there :rofl:

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As expected top1, thanks do defense BAAAA and a very good start. Loot isn’t the best, but far from the worst, quite pleased with it


Finished in top 5% with a very lackluster finish (0-3)
As soon as I think this game hates me, it gives me an aether III. (whee!!)
Looks like I’ll be limit breaking my first 5*. It’ll be between Frigg & Telluria



Final Result


ATK: 19-6
DEF: 10-7 (Grade B, Grade A from beginning until before tournament end! :sweat_smile:)
Rank: Top 1% (11,277), Score: 17,556


I should notice since day one, that use at least one Proteus… duh! :grin:


IMAGE 2021-09-11 19:34:19
No Aether III this time… :upside_down_face:
Goodluck everyone :+1:


Final Results

Defense: 6W - 4L (A, A, A, A, A)

On the last day, just made the 60% cut off for A grade lol.

Offense: 21W - 4L

Had to rebuy unfortunately. Used the same team for every attack:
c.Rigard - Malosi - Prof Lidenbrock+18 - Alfrike+17 - C.Sartana+16

Rank: Top 1%


No Aether III, no EHT, no 100 emblems this time :neutral_face: :unamused: :pensive:


Defenses of the top 10 finishers


Wait, what? This is a debate? Telluria is actually being considered for limit breaking? Wow.

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