⚔ [05th Sep, 2021] - 124th Raid Tournament - 5* Rush Attack, No Fire/Red

This is the kind of tournament where I won’t put any :gem: into.



Well, you only need to deal with VF Alfrike.

My take vs her is :

Heimdall tank with HP boost
Mother North on left wing to put back what Alfrike took down
Francine and C.Yunan to cleanse
Ursena to eliminate Yellow

My take against Alfrike and Mother North is Evelyn+Lianna and Marjana*+Grefjon plus Vivica, wich can at least hope to resist mana effects, and praying to get 6 tiles without charging Alfrike.

Sadly I don’t have resurrector out of 3* heroes nor other tricky ones (Lady of the Lake and the likes) and prayers doesn’t works.

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1st draft…

Edit: 2nd draft…

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Sadly no red heroes this time…

Exactly… 20 characters

I will go with this defense.

I want to tell that I will not post my progress of any 5* tournament beside “rush attack” since it never end well and I am lazy to post it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Very few good options for me in this one so thinking of this for defence

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Devana or Leonidas c!?

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Going with this.

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Telly at Very Fast can still hack it, right?? :slight_smile:


Almur at +19 talents is extremely durable, and sets the stage for Hatter’s whopping damage and buff steal; then Bertila clears any attack or defense debuffs from the team and flips them to the enemy before Alfrike takes her turn! Hopefully I’m not missing some glaring weakness in there…?

Good gaming!

The mana slow might help, but Telluria is more or less a tile dump at this point. You should probably tank Alfrike instead.

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Gonna go with this…

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This should be decent.


Going with this. I don’t spend alot of emblems on slow heroes. Hope it does ok. Good luck everyone!

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What’s better, Frigg tank or Alfrike tank? Thinking of either tanking Frigg and flanking Lidenbrock and Alfrike or maybe just tanking Alfrike.

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I would tank Alfrike and flank with Frigg and Prof.

Day 1 done and 4-1 offence. Shaky start facing a LotL tank (what a gigantic pain in the ■■■ she is), but got better. Current team is Alasie - Poseidon - Heimdall - Kunchen - Lianna, mainly because I don’t have anything better. No Alfrike tanks so far…

Defence still to be tested. Can’t be worse than last week!


Went with this 4492tp team

5 0 on offense so far. Faced evelyn miki lotl fogg and c kad tanks. Looks like people are favouring green over the strongest slow heroes.

Mana control has won the day so far. Proteus alfrike onatel gullinbursiti and c mel (grimble instead of c mel in one matchup)


Day 1, game 5…

Luckily HA10 gave me…

So today I’m

However the first match I don’t have 6 blue tiles I’m having big problems :joy:


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