⚔ [04 Apr, 2021] - 102nd Raid Tournament - 3* Bloody Battle, No Red/ Fire

Day 1
O: 4-1
D: 1-4

Day 2
O: 5-0
D: 2-0

Day 3
O: 4-1
D: 3-2

Day 4
O: 2-3
D: 4-1

O: 15-5
D: 4-5 (58.8%) / E / C / B / B /

Day 4 was terrible hahahaha
Bought back in. Top 10%, i hope i can do better today and get in the top 5%


Day 4

O : 5-0 (Overall 19-1)

After end up at top 5% in last 3 tournaments, I think it is time for me to end up at top 1% in some tournaments.

The board is average to pretty good. In all attack, I use Kvasir+14, C Isshtak+19, Mnesseus+19 or CB Berden+14, Nodri+20, Nodri+20 even tank isn’t blue. It look like if there is enough tile, C Isshtak+19 + Mnesseus+19 or x2 Nodri+20 can kill tank or make it almost die no matter what color tank is. That is why I never change the attack team.

D : 10-10


DAY 5:

W: 17
L: 7

Another 4:1, but in this case I had a bad board in the final battle, but I could get some points.

The defense team got a 4:0 yesterday, so in general 11:4. Let’s see if I can keep the A rank and help me tomorrow.

Good luck to all the survivors of this tournament and hope you get a good loot tomorrow.

Take care. :wink:

Edit: I’ve just realized that I didn’t use the last flag on the second day. Hope this stupid mistake doesn’t penalize me at the end of the tournament. :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4:


What is your troop level on defense team ? Your defense team have really good result at 11-4.

I’m sure it was more a matter of luck. My defense team isn’t one of the strongest one.


1:2 today. Two really bad boards and I’m out. I will wait until tomorrow morning to use gems, I hope no :wink:
Total 19:4, Defence 9:6


Friday, April 09, 2021

Final battle day of the 3 star bloody battle, no red. = healing/ resurrection have no effect

Final results 1%


Nah, I’m done with this tournament. I could probably improve from top25 to top10, not worth my precious gems. If I had an A/B defense, it might be interesting, but it’s at E/D…

Clearly not doing as well as I hoped.
@Ranvir how’s your defense holding up?

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So grumpy. Went 14 games undefeated and then lost the next 4 in a row with terrible boards. Was so confident on making that 1% and then dashed in pretty much one day.


At the moment, my def is B : 4-4 (B-A-C-B-¿)


Day 5

Lost the first battle…again OberonC this time at tank, 150 poison dmg per round - incredible. At least killed him with tiles in the end but died.
Won the other 4 battles…playing 4-1 or 3-1-1 most of the time.


Defense just stayed untouched

11:11 B C B B B

rank # 8400 when finished 2h ago right now # 9400 rapidly dropping out of top 1% and B defense is just not enough on the last day to save it.

Had a fun week. Happy gaming!


2nd tournament in a row where I ended with a 9 match win streak. Apart from one Shrubbear tank where I had to use cBelith and Mnesseus, had fun with a Nordri - 2x Chick Jr lineup. They’re all average speed so need some time to get charged, but when they do it’s usually game over.

Kvasir and cRenfeld completed the Attack team. First time using cRenfeld against opposing Kvasir and Poppy lineups. No emblems but he’s sturdy with the costume bonus

Defense has been C-A-B-B and currently 8-6. Should be enough for top 1%

Good luck to those who have yet to finish


OFFENSE : 20-5 ( 1 continue on day 4)
I have few 3* fully emblemed but I brought my Kvasir +19 in every battle. He saved me many times.

DEFENSE : 4-4 B-A-C-B-B? B or C it should be enough for top 1%

Hey @Liam_K good job you are one point ahead of me :grinning: :+1:


@Liam_K @Ranvir What are your rank ? I want to know how much 1 score affect the rank.

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I’m at 3392 at the moment


3628 …20 char…


I’m in the Top 5% with a 21-4 attack record. I was only attacked once and lost so E rating for 4 out of 5 days. Shouldn’t there be a minimum and maximum amount of defenses per day?

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Wasn’t too active this time in posting my results, had not much time on my hands.

However, in the end I’m amazed I lost only 2 battles on the first 2 days, after that I did not lose once. Key to my victory? Just minion spam… 2 Kvasir, 1 emblemmed, 1 without, 1 frosty despite no heals, and C Renfeld and C Tyrum. Whole tournament long.

Defense is also solid. Not even running green tank. I’m gonna say it, for a 3 star Kvasir is OP.

Best of luck for the loot tomorrow everyone!


Thank you! Your post gave me just the confidence boost I needed to always bring two Kvasirs to every match today regardless of tank color or whatever. Annnnnd it worked out beautifully!

Day 5
O: 5-0 :scream: (21-4 overall :scream::scream: )
D: 0-0 (4-2 overall)


Current rank: 4334

I can’t believe it, day 5 is supposed to be the hardest day and yet I managed 5-0 against all odds. Thanks to @Zsj’s sage advice about minion spam, I just decided “you know what, screw it with fast snipers. I need 3 sniper hits just to kill one +20 hero, so instead Imma put up a minion wall, slowly peck away at them, and hope the tiles fall in the right place and tile them to death”. And it… actually worked!

Boards were definitely more generous today, but still had to really work for it. Toughest team today:

So glad I went 2-2-1 with 2x cTyrum-Berden-2x Kvasir. Purples and greens were extremely scattered, so focused on yellows and very fortunately got both bee dudes charged before cBrienne went off, so was able to weather that defense down for a bit. Purples finally came before any sniper could go off so cleansed my team while also taking out cBrienne. Then board dried up for a while with blue/red tiles, so Mnessues, Berden, and Gan Ju all went off, killing one cTyrum and one bee dude. Mercifully purple and green tiles filled int after that, and I was able to turn it around.

I’ll say this much: had I only brought one Kvasir and loaded up on another sniper, I definitely would’ve lost this match (as well as one other match). The minions is a functionally a 142 HP “overheal”, so when both bee dudes go off I get almost 300 HP added to each hero, or two slashes worth of survivability. :+1:

Defense went EAAA and currently holding at an A. I think with my current ranking of 4300 something it could fall to a B and I could probably still make top 1%. So I’m happy to announce I’m no longer salty. :joy:


@Zsj @rho Yes, Kvasir is very powerful. He is simply 3* Bera. I actually use x2 Kvasir + C Brienne before I start emblem 3*. Sometimes, I make me reach top 1% even without any emblem hero. However, Kvasir tank usually ruin that technique. If your Kvasir fire first, you win but if Kvasir tank fire first, you lose.

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