0 points on war for kill


Today’s war was with 3 zero points.

First guy(Александр vs mamrot92) killed the opponent, already was “You Won” and then got like connection lost, check your connection. 0 points.

Second guy (Yuriki Y vs ROBIN) Killed 4 heroes and got You lost, 0 points And still was fighting that guy a few minutes later…

Third one (Jiguur vs tytus) even didn’t loaded up the battle map, just flight to the opponent and that’s all. Was writing in clan chat that battle didnt started on russian. 0 points.

Questions War and titan

Your internet connection is poor, such an answer you will get from SG :smiley: I tried to write, I tried to ask for SG official comment but all what I got is ignore. My fault, bad internet connection :slight_smile: Ridiculous.

I know how you feel. But you just wasted time to make a post, they do not care about this bug. You can open support ticket. Hopefully you will get something, some are lucky but mostly we were blamed about our poor internet connection.


I believe in power of “alot of comments on bug”. :slight_smile: The more topics with this problem the better chance of solving this problem.


But man, that bug sucks, i agree. Ok if it was 1 guy, but 3 with good teams… and what? 0 points and heroes used…

0 points for the war

It’s your wifi connection and your not the only one we had 2 team players done in for. Devs are not fast on this one they move about as fast as season 2 on this issue.

I always warm up first play raid/map until I am sure I’m well connected then have a go - been doing this since done in 3 times works really well haven’t had any problems yet.


third person was typing in chat. If there is connection lost, then game warn you. The battle even didn’t started.

And what about 2-nd person?


Anyone can tell me what’s happening in this war?
More than one player get zero when they Shooting down a enemy team.
In titan, i’m facing a anomaly too, in normal situation i made 40k, even 30k i got.
I like very much this game but my ally don’t hearn ascending material for heros and several members whant go away.
Can i do something?
Tanks in advanced Empires team.
Best regards.


Enough threads on both „questions“ in this forum. Better use the search function


Regarding wars. Sometimes the servers are overloaded after the the AW had started. Try waiting same time after the beginning of the war. If you kill your opponents and get 0 points, then raise a SR.