0 points in war

Case from an hour ago. I chosed a team, attacked and sucessfully killed 3 of the enemy team. How much points i get? 0! And enemy heroes just resurrected. Like my attack never happen. (I tthouht maybe i got dc but I was still ingame. )

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Yes - keeps happening to me. Very frustrating & when I’ve contacted customer services they don’t care - despite the fact it’s ruining my game & impacting all of my alliance

Just joined this forum as I am fuming.
Won a battle in the war and 5 seconds before that my wifi cut out for like 20 seconds.
When I came back I lost the battle, 0 points and also I could not re use my team.

This is utter bull guys.

At least give me a retry if my wifi cuts out.
Now you just take my team away and rate my fight as a loss.

What a joke!

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If you have a good solution i am sure we would all be happier but as for geting a new attempt, well a lot of people would ”lose connection” if they didnt one shot the enemy.

I understand what you are saying but I played on and won the battle hands down…
All my heroes were still alive…
I understand people would “drop” their connection to cheat but I am sure the game logs can clearly see if someone did it on purpose (losing the battle) or not…
I won the battle and then it failed to credit my points towards the war as the connection was briefly gone.

Thank You. I just had this happen to me me in the last war. I Was credited with “0” points! I always participate in our wars. I now have the leader and the elders asking what’s up? I am rather irritated at this.

I can’t suggest anything about the bug other than to hope that it gets fixed, but as for complaining alliance members, just point them at this forum and ask them to read all the multitudinous complaints about the issue if they get unhappy about a zero score happening.