0 points for the war


One of my alliance members attacked a team and got 0 points for killing him and then the guy was alive in seconds and had to go after him again 2 more times to get 6 points. I know this has happened to other players also. I thought it was suppose to be fixed and it isn’t.

Game froze while sending war result
Game froze while sending war result


Hey this had literally just happened to me, I had beaten this guy called “Demon” and got zero for it. What the **** guys. Please sort it out. I demand compensation!


Same here :frowning:


@Petri @mhalttu This happened to us too. How is this STILL an unresolved issue? Please fix this.


I’ll boost the signal in the moderators chat, though any fix would be after the weekend.

Any information on which heroes were used by you and your opponent would be welcome. Please confirm with your teammates as well that there’s no chance of an intermittent of bad wifi signal.


Hi I just took out a player in war and received zero points for it and now I can’t use those heroes again and also took a flag


During war, game kept disconnecting for me and another player in our team. Like above, got zero points. This is NOT fun especially when you’re trying to support the team, do well and get nothing for it!


He said he had connection it didn’t say disconnection. That has happened to us and we just understand and move on. Makes us mad but nothing can be done about it. So didn’t understand why he got 0 and heros and flag gone. I am trying to get the heros he used to let you know.



I just fought someone and took out two heroes and when I checked it didn’t show that and I only got 3 pts and the team was intact


Here are the heros he used


This just happened to me as well. Little disappointed with that error happening.

I was battling AHHA


We’ve had this happen with several players as well. 2 players for certain, but suspect there is a 3rd. First match was Chao, Kiril, Kashhrek, Cyprian, Chao vs Opponent: Hu Toa, Gormek, Kiril, Rigard, Melendor. Second match was Player (unknown heroes) vs Wu, Sabina, Kashhrek, Gormek, Sonya.
Confirmed they did not have WiFi issues, one player says the game disconnected them, the other won the match & received a zero. It’s happened in previous wars as well. Please fix this.


This morning (October 14th at 10:00), I attacked an opponent in war.

I lost my connection while hitting but it was back before the end.

At the end, the sending spin wheel was running forever. After 5 minutes I had to restart the game.

Results: 0 points, lost 1 flag and all used heroes.

This is the Seco d war in row I have the issue. Please fix it, it is really frustrating.