0 points Bug

Hey devs, in our current war one player of our alliance again oneshotted an enemy and got 0 Points. It also happened to him last war.


Player: Ikarus vs loonsworld
Heroes: Kashhrek, Little John, Grimm, Kiril, Cyprian
Defense: Boldtusk, Richard, Rigard, Wu kong, Caedmon

Its already frustrating to farm over and over again and wait for ascension mats with nothing else to do every day. This bug can push another player over the edge to quit the game. So pls fix this Bug :frowning_face:

Happened to us too: one of our members oneshotted the enemy but got 0 points and enemy is still alive in full health

Eddie vs wurm76
Attackers: Guardian Falcon, Scarlett, Khagan, Merlin, Sabina
Defenders: Thoth-Amun, Alberich, Marjana, Delilah, Alasie

Don’t know if it is related to some old posts about Delilah or Thoth-Amun minions messing around with AW, but the last enemy alive was Thoth-Amun if it can help.
I checked and the two apparently are playing with the same version of the game (I don’t see the “this player is playing on a different game version” warning on either of them)

Happening again, 0 points and team alive after it has been defeated in war. Is this issue going to be addressed?

Same here, and another player just reported the same issue…

Not good…

The alliance war 0 points bug continues. This is so discouraging. Brought an opponent team down in one shot and the points just wouldn’t add up!!!

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