0 Hits points but still alive

So I know this was posted before, but the forum was closed and they didn’t have a screenshot. So my issue is telluria keeps staying alive even when reduced to 0 hp, but only when her skill is ready and healing herself the next round would keep her in the raid. I’mnot sure why this is, but it has been happening often. The image isn’tso good because it is hard to purposefully recreate.

Do you have the previous thread?

I’ll merge & reopen.

Just zo make sure, Telly died based on the counterattack of her own special, right?

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I believe she did… Vela took me out the next turn. And I just played another match where I recorded it, and she stays alive but then dies from the counter from obakan.

When you make move you can already check health from “next round”, Telly killed herselef but fir game she was already dead.

Also when someone (hero/mob) killing himself on riposte or dying from DoT at the begginig of the turn he is dead for game (before he actualy die) and number on sword disappear.

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Okay. I think I get it. So once the move is made by me, then the numbers that appear are already calculated for the end of the defense’s turn. That’s what I’m seeing… I went through step by step on my video and counted the damage from the combos that fell and it wasn’t the 188 telly had left, so she should have still been alive. I just couldn’t understand why it said zero. Thanks!

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