0 damage to titans


It still happens sometimes that attacks on a titan result in zero damage and the available attack lost. I guess it happems when lost connections occur. 0 results are nonsense; just return the available attack back to the player and repeat the hoard for the next attack.


I did an attack on a titan which appeared on the leader board for damage. After the attack I went out to do a raid and then came back to the titan to do another attack. I checked the leader board to see if anyone else had attacked while I was doing the raid and noticed my attack went from 18300 down to 0. This occurred without any wifi interuptions. This happened again to one of my alliance team mates about two weeks later.

Ataquei o titan hoje as 10:42 (horario de Brasilia), após o ataque contabilizou como se eu tivesse dado 0 de dano no titan. Meu nick é Degalaka, gostaria que me dessem um frasco para poder atacar novamente o titan e compensar o erro. Obrigado!

Yes that happen to me, and heaven when connection is lost before you select attack the titan… If that happens to me me again i will uninstall the game… I dont spend money on the game, but my friends that support me spend more then 400 dollars itch… Please solve this just now

Just happened to me as well
The whole alliance is complaining about lag on hits
Mine froze at the end and I waited but had to restart game result zero score

I have the video of the end screen to prove it

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I was fighting the titan. Time expired and i made a 13449 hp on the titan. The game froze and stole my hp and gave me a 0hp for the atrack when i earned 13449hp.

I believe the first time that this Empires & Puzzle game locked up / frozen on me. I just got into the titan battle and made some nice matches and the bloody thing locked up / frozen and I couldn’t get the game to respond no matter how much time I’ve giving it. Ended up killing the task and restarting the game. However…, my titan attack damage 0! Titan Energy -1! Freaking really ticked off! Letting this game get to me like this, but also I’m one of the heavy hitters in my alliance and I just really feel bad to have not accomplished any type of damage.

Had two EP game updates, one early this morning I think… Another one this evening and now for the first time experienced this type of issue!

If game crashed and titan damage is 0… Reimburse the bloody energy! This is highway robbery!

If you experience this, please screenshot and note the date/time/time zone to help Game Support lock down the error.

You can find the “Submit a Request” link at the bottom of FAQ articles, like this one:


I was in titan fight and stopped the application. Missed energy and 0 demage.